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Glenn Lehrer: Sparking Creativity

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Once again we are pleased to announce that we are representing Glenn Lehrer’s work in our booth at Tucson 2012.

His Torus cut faceted pieces as well as his beautiful carvings are a testament to his high level of artistry and creativity. One of a kind and very unique, owning any of his works allows you to springboard your own creation of a piece of jewelry not seen anywhere else. There is a large range of price points, gem materials and styles to choose from.

So come by and see what might strike your fancy, igniting your flame of creativity.

Gem 2000 – Booth # 911 – AGTA GemFair
Tucson Convention Center       Jan 31 – Feb 5, 2012


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Plan now for Tucson 2012

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Attending this amazing, world renowned tradeshow is a must for all in the jewelry trade. It is an immersion course in all that is “gem”. As diamonds become more of a commodity, “colored gemstones” is an area that shows more promise of a profit when backed by expertise and diligence. Attending this show is truly rewarding in so many ways. Unlike other cities, Tucson’s hotels fill up fast, so make sure you are registered and have a place to stay well ahead of time. We have started our own preparations already and wish to remind all of you that it is not too early!!

Attending the AGTA Show also offers you the added benefit of developing enduring relationships with dealers who can service your calls throughout the year, when you need the gems that turn calls into sales, shipped to your store right away!

We will be offering a great selection of beautiful gems in a variety of price points and colors.

Please stop by early and select your beauties
from what we all have to offer

AGTA GemFair Pavilion
Tucson Convention Center
Booth 911


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International Buyers Buying at Old Prices in the U.S.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011


As direct importers we experience the highs and lows of supply and demand of the gem market ahead of retailers. All indicators point to the fact that at present there is a healthy and strong demand for gems, especially finer gems, in the world market. Growing economies with an expanding middle class such as India, China and Russia, have diminished the role the U.S. used to play in setting prices internationally. That, along with a weaker dollar has really changed the playing field for the American buyer over the past few years.

We experienced strong signs of this, this past Tucson show when we saw a high number of overseas buyers going from booth to booth buying up gems that were still marked at below world market prices. With sluggish sales over the last few years, there was still plenty of old inventory in many of the U.S. dealer’s booths. U.S. buyers, not having bought in a few years, were not current on prices in general and not taking advantage of these opportunities. It has been only after selling and wishing to replace, that many U.S. dealers have been shocked with the huge increases of price at the source level. I have a feeling we will have a similar experience this JCK and then eventually as all dealers are forced to replace their goods, the real world prices of gems will hit the U.S. market.

So, I think this is a good window in time to stock up on gems still around in the U.S., that will cost up to twice as much to replace once sold.

Come and visit us to find out the good deals you can walk away with.

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Tucson Update 2011

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Besides being one of the coldest Tucsons to date, the AGTA Show itself was upbeat and energetic. Buyers had more of a spring in their step this year and actively seeking to add fresh goods to their inventory. Most everyone was feeling the atmosphere of business becoming more normalized and in the upswing mode. I heard repeated comments from buyers about not being as in touch with current prices since they had really not bought much in a couple of years. Finer better gems were still in the highest demand but well cut bright unusual gems in lower price points were also seen as a good price point item allowing for higher profit margins. In general I found buyers more open to buying special, beautiful gems as opposed to just trying to find specific sized gems that fit certain mountings. As usual stores who had invested in offering the unique and unusual custom pieces were satisfied and working hard on improving their range of offerings, allowing them to keep ahead of the curve.

It had started to warm up the day the show was ending with many buyers and exhibitors returning to much ice and snow, wishing they could have stayed on to enjoy the wonderful desert sun.

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A New Find: Color Change Garnet from Kenya

Friday, February 19th, 2010

colr change garnet kenya
Gems with phenomena have always held our fascination. When thinking of “fine color change”, Alexandrite is what comes to mind. What makes this particular find of Color Change Garnet from Kenya special, is that among them are some stones that duplicate the color change of Alexandrite. The other types of color change garnet  mined there also have very good color change, but in a different range of colors, very beautiful in their own right. These types usually are a lot less expensive and more plentiful.

color change garnet kenya

I had a few jewelers and dealers look at some nice stones I was displaying in Tucson, saying that if not told; by the color change alone they would have thought for sure these were Alexandrites.

e/c color change garnetround color change garnrt

The supply on this specific type of color change garnet is very limited, making it very attractive to any collector.

To see more details on our new color change garnet, visit the Gem 2000 Gem Search.

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Gem 2000 features Glenn Lehrer at Tucson

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

glenn  lehrer torus cut sapphire with set diamondWe’re proud to announce
that we’ll be representing

Lehrer Designs

famous for its Torus Ring cuts in a variety of gemstone materials. The Torus is the most prevalent form in nature: the iris of the eye, a whirlpool, the eye of a hurricane.

Glenn Lehrer, G.G., president of Lehrer Designs, Inc., is internationally recognized as one of the finest gemstone carvers of our time. A graduate gemologist, he has won numerous awards for his jewelry and gemstone designs. His award winning gemstones and jewelry designs have appeared on the cover of ten major jewelry publications, and many articles describing his craftsmanship have been published. In May his work appeared on the cover of two magazines, Basel Magazine and Lapidary Journal, and Glenn was also featured in an article on “American Gem Cutters,” in Departures Magazine.

Glen Lehrer Designs, torus cut gemstones

So come by and check out our new addition and its possibilities.

BOOTH #911 – AGTA GemFair Pavillion – Tucson

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The Instore Show – Chicago

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The Instore Show took place in Chicago, April 19-20, 2009 for the first time. Their magazine’s content, organization, and constant improvement had encouraged us to commit to exhibiting, when they had first talked about it, over a year ago. Of course, in hindsight this might not have been the best year to introduce a new show, but then who knew! In that regard we are all equal.

The set up for the show went pretty smoothly. As exhibitors we always have the worries and concerns one has with a new location and set up. The hall was very well lit and easy to get to as you got off the buses that ran back and forth to the surrounding hotels every 1/2 hour. After we finished set up we had a nice walk along the Navy Pier. It was a nice Saturday, so it was very active, bustling with people. We ended up eating at a great seafood restaurant with an outside terrace. Both our fish dishes were very tasty and fresh. We didn’t see the sun for the next 3 days as it rained non stop, so I’m glad we got that afternoon in.

instore show gem 2000

The first day of the show, a Sunday, had very good traffic. So, it kept us busy meeting and talking to customers all day. I think the show had done a good job bringing in the numbers of attendees in light of everything. How many of them actually turned into buyers during the show, probably a bigger challenge for all involved. Although the show didn’t quite have a Tucson or JCK larger show feel to it, it definitely felt like a larger regional show with good growth potential. Many of the buyers were happy to have such a show happening close to home, in Chicago. Buyers who maybe as a rule do not attend Tucson or JCK expressed a great deal of interest at the loose gem and pearl AGTA section.

Many buyers were impressed by our selection of high quality gems, and the large range of gemstones we carry, mentioning that they have been looking for a supplier of better quality goods. Also, a great number of the buyers expressed interest in finding out more about our website and its features; such as searching for gems, great pictures, markup options, and how to integrate it into their existing website as their own virtual inventory. In general I found people more eager to learn and be educated in the area of gems where they are less exposed to or familiar with. It kept us busy and involved, hoping eventually these leads to turn into calls and sales. The second day was less busy and the third day was on the quiet side.

downtown chicago

Our room at the Sheraton had a great view of many of the beautiful and historic downtown buildings and great restaurants within walking distance. After closing up the last day of the show we walked over to this wonderful Indian and Latin fusion restaurant called Vermilion. The food was delicious, with a very sophisticated mixture of flavors and spices not commonly found in either cuisine. Walking back and forth to our hotel was a cold and windy reminder of what city we were in. The sun came out the next day as we were leaving, and the walk to where we had breakfast was fresh and beautiful.

All in all, we are glad we took part in this show and hope it grows and flourishes as consumer confidence picks up and the desire to own beautiful gems and jewelry is exercised more often.

- by Shomais Shirazi, GG

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Tucson Gem Show 2009

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The AGTA GemFair Pavillion

The air was crisp, the sunshine beautiful, yet in light of all the media coverage of the economy and forecasts, as exhibitors we had come knowing that we couldn’t really have the same expectations as previous years.

red trillion spinelThe show ended up better for us than we originally had imagined. Traffic at the AGTA GemFair (Feb 4-9) was about 20% down from last year, but the buyers that had shown up were pretty serious, albeit all with smaller budgets. Purchases were based on more specific calls and replacement of sold items rather than on speculation.

Items that did better for us were more unusual gemstone in nicer quality and lower per carat prices, in general a bigger look for the money such as fancy color zircon, spinel, kunzite, beryl, fancy color tourmaline, fire opal, purple cushion sapphire as well as smaller sizes of better color and quality in classic and more known gems such as blue and fancy color sapphire, tsavorite, spessartite garnet, aquamarine, rubellite, and precious topaz. In general, jewelers who have been more interested in color gems and invested time and energy in developing a market for them by educating their customer base, and offering custom design works and services seem to have benefited, and maintained better profit margins.

Our booth at the Tucson Show, in the AGTA GemFair Pavillion.

We have found that at present, prices at supplier levels have stayed pretty firm in almost all gem categories. For example, many mining and processing operations of rough gems, in Sri Lanka have shut down, since their high fixed costs are not justified by the present weaker world demand. At all levels, dealers would rather hang on to their inventory of rough or cut stones, as replacing them gets more difficult each day and nicer goods harder to find in general.

Attending the Tucson Show, whether as a buyer or in our case as an exhibitor, has an excitement associated with it true gem lovers can not resist. Once a year, the world of gems comes together at this show, creating an incredible energy which is then released and channeled through all the exciting and beautiful jewelry pieces created and offered with love to the end user. Whether you get to walk the red carpet or not, wearing these beautiful tokens of love, bring special feelings of joy and pride; emotions humans have shared through the ages.

Read an recent article by GIA color stone analyst Robert Weldon about his report from the Tucson gem and mineral shows. VIA:

gem 2000 tucson 2009

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