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Pretty in Pink

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Pink Tourmaline

We have recently finished processing our new inventory of Pink Tourmaline, and Wow! is it beautiful! Super fine make, pure pinks, and excellent cutting make these stunning gems from Nigeria and Brazil a joy to work with.

Singles, and hard to find pairs in perfect matches, perfect for you spring designs, are easy to find on our website using the fine color Gem Search. Plenty hard to find shapes and sizes are available in our skillfully selected inventory.

Spring is almost upon us, brighten up someone’s day with a gorgeous Pink Tourmaline!

Pink Tourmaline

Find the perfect palette for your designs… Pink Tourmaline from GEM 2000!


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Color In Bridal

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

color in bridal

We carry an extensive range of colored gemstones, so this puts us in the frontline position for detecting new patterns and shifts in demand as they occur at retail. The newest and strongest trend at the moment is requests for bridal center stones in a variety of colored gemstones. The most popular is requests for sapphires in blues, peaches, pinks, yellows and all shades of purple. There are also requests for rubiesspinels,tourmalines … even aquamarines.

In an advisory role as a professional jeweler, we recommend that you steer away your customer from gemstones that fall short on the durability aspect, and are less than 7 ½ hardness on the Mohs scale. Those range of stones are suitable for occasional wear but since bridal jewelry gets the most beating of all, better spare the bride avoidable disappointment with her new ring.

If your sales people are not aware of this concept, it is best for them to be educated on the need to check the hardness of gems, before recommending or selling a particular gemstone for bridal wear. We are here to help you with appropriate choices. You can also visit our website for the wide range of specific gems available to you and your bride to be.

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Chinese Now Love Tourmaline!

Monday, October 10th, 2011

With the recent large growth in the Chinese economy and the expansion of its huge middle class, the desire to own finer things has increased dramatically in that country. Among them the love for fine gems. Tourmaline has become a very desirable gem to own among the Chinese. So all colors of it, particularly bicolors, have experienced a frenzy of buying the last few years, sending the prices to levels no one could have thought possible two years ago. This increase has affected Tourmalines from all producing sources and as usual the finer end has experienced this increase the most.

So be aware of tight availability when sourcing this material and review pricing when appraising better quality tourmaline.

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Finer Gems Show Huge Price Increases

Monday, October 10th, 2011

The terms “world economy” and “global market” are truly brought home as we examine current prices of gems.

At present, the American consumer is competing with increased demand from many growing economies, particularly the Asian markets. The growing middle class in these countries, especially in China and India, is very large. Over the last many years, prices of gems, particularly the finer end, have been on a sharp increase. The US market has not really felt this change because demand had been rather sluggish and the existing inventory of US dealers was extensive and had not been replaced due to low sales.

As the US economy has improved and more of this existing inventory sold, dealers are now faced with restocking at the much higher world market prices set by stronger world demand. As evident also in the September Hong Kong Show, these larger than expected increases are most evident in finer Blue Sapphire and Rubies, fancy color Sapphires, Tourmalines, and many other gems. At times these gems can easily cost twice what they did just 2 years ago!

A word of caution, when giving estimates to customers or when doing appraisals of such pieces, make sure you are aware of current prices and availability, so you are not caught undervaluing or not being able to find what you had promised.

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New Arrivals

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

We have recently received some great parcels of gems from our cutters just in time for any calls you might have this upcoming holiday season. Of course these are in addition to our already extensive inventory, available to you on our website.


Cushion Honey Zircon


Blue Zircon – Many beautifully cut rich colors in a variety of shape up to 10 carat+ sizes. Nicer colors in larger sizes are very hard to find especially as of late, so we are very excited to offer you these beauties.

Fancy Color Zircon – A few larger wonderful pieces in a rose hue which are very rare and hard to find, a great addition to our great selection of smaller sizes.

Alexandrite – A great selection of fine gems with great clarity, superb cutting, and excellent color change mostly in ovals and cushion in up to 2 carat sizes. To assure your customer of their investment aspects remind them that they are best off with the rarer finer qualities when purchasing Alexandrites.

Aquamarine – Just received some great matched pairs in nicer colors as well as some beautiful well cut singles. A classic favorite of all times, finer aquamarines end up as heirloom pieces, and passed on to loved ones all the time.

Tourmalines – A great selection of beautiful open colors in green and blue greens, blue, rubellites, and pinks all very well cut and super bright. We definitely have a great range of size, price, and color to offer you in this still very affordable gem.

Spinel – Peach, Lavender, pink, blue and red, Spinel is no longer an unknown to the public, and the word is out on their beauty and durability with a rightful place, after sapphire. Vibrant hues are extremely hard to find and sure to please your discriminating customers. Check out our great selection of well cut and bright stones.

Fancy Color Sapphire – With the increase in the popularity of colored diamonds, the public has also fallen in love with all sapphires besides blue. We are proud of our offering of exceptional blue sapphires, but we also are excited about our peach, pink, lavender, yellow, green, and purple varieties. Check out our great selection when offering the unusual colors in this timeless and durable gem.

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Blue and Green Rule!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


After watching recent media coverage of high fashion celebrities, it will not be a surprise to you that green and blue gemstones are stealing the show again.

At present we have a great selection of both these colors in our inventory:

Shades of Blue – Sapphire, Aquamarine, Beryl, Tourmaline, Spinel, Zircon, Iolite, and Tanzanite


Shades of Green – Emerald, Tsavorite, Chrome Tourmaline, Tourmaline, Beryl, Zircon, and Peridot


Come by and stock up on some desired color, fashionable ladies wish to own. There is a great range of price points for you to choose from.

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Green is In

Friday, November 20th, 2009

green gemstonesAs we approach the month where most jewelers report, accounts for more than 30% of their yearly sales, it is important to be aware of what is “desired” this season. Based on fashion and industry reports “green” is in. Green, with all its wonderful and various shades, from forest to moss to lemon. Our extensive range of colored gems in green includes: Emeralds, Tsavorites, Chrome Tourmalines, amazing varied hues of Tourmaline, Peridots, green Zircons, and lemony Chrysoberyls. This great range and variety of gems is sure to please all tastes and budgets. Make sure to offer some “green” to your customers this season.

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Tucson Gem Show 2009

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The AGTA GemFair Pavillion

The air was crisp, the sunshine beautiful, yet in light of all the media coverage of the economy and forecasts, as exhibitors we had come knowing that we couldn’t really have the same expectations as previous years.

red trillion spinelThe show ended up better for us than we originally had imagined. Traffic at the AGTA GemFair (Feb 4-9) was about 20% down from last year, but the buyers that had shown up were pretty serious, albeit all with smaller budgets. Purchases were based on more specific calls and replacement of sold items rather than on speculation.

Items that did better for us were more unusual gemstone in nicer quality and lower per carat prices, in general a bigger look for the money such as fancy color zircon, spinel, kunzite, beryl, fancy color tourmaline, fire opal, purple cushion sapphire as well as smaller sizes of better color and quality in classic and more known gems such as blue and fancy color sapphire, tsavorite, spessartite garnet, aquamarine, rubellite, and precious topaz. In general, jewelers who have been more interested in color gems and invested time and energy in developing a market for them by educating their customer base, and offering custom design works and services seem to have benefited, and maintained better profit margins.

Our booth at the Tucson Show, in the AGTA GemFair Pavillion.

We have found that at present, prices at supplier levels have stayed pretty firm in almost all gem categories. For example, many mining and processing operations of rough gems, in Sri Lanka have shut down, since their high fixed costs are not justified by the present weaker world demand. At all levels, dealers would rather hang on to their inventory of rough or cut stones, as replacing them gets more difficult each day and nicer goods harder to find in general.

Attending the Tucson Show, whether as a buyer or in our case as an exhibitor, has an excitement associated with it true gem lovers can not resist. Once a year, the world of gems comes together at this show, creating an incredible energy which is then released and channeled through all the exciting and beautiful jewelry pieces created and offered with love to the end user. Whether you get to walk the red carpet or not, wearing these beautiful tokens of love, bring special feelings of joy and pride; emotions humans have shared through the ages.

Read an recent article by GIA color stone analyst Robert Weldon about his report from the Tucson gem and mineral shows. VIA:

gem 2000 tucson 2009

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Gem 2000 at the Columbus Jewelry Show

Monday, August 11th, 2008

The Columbus Jewelry Show is taking place in Columbus, OH on August 23,24.  Come visit us at booth # 909. We have been exhibiting at this show for around 20 years and have been witness to many changes and trends in our industry. As you are all aware, the margins in diamonds have gotten smaller. To combat this, you can offer more value and size in a piece of jewelry by using colored stones. We offer a very wide range of gems in all colors and price per carat to fit every budget and call. We are proud to say that we constantly offer nicer qualities, even in lower price point gems, never sacrificing beauty in the end product, thus adding value to each piece of jewelry sold.

Interesting and unusual items that have been doing well:

– Fancy color Zircons as well as fine blue Zircon. The yellows, cognac, brown, and greens are a nice fancy color diamond look since Zircon has such a high RI. You can definitely achieve a diamond look with this gem. It’s hard to find clean and bright materials in these colors. Our fine cutting and brilliance make them a sure sell.

– A few parcels of fine 5-15ct Kunzite with saturated colors and fine cutting, offering soft pinks that are so popular in today’s colors.

– A few parcels of fine Iolite, the great color of these goods, a reminder of fine Tanzanite.

– A nice range of colors and sizes in Spinel. Being durable, bright and clean, many colors resemble sapphires at a much lower price point.

– Great selection of the peach colored Sapphires including many Padparadschas.

– Couple of larger fine Andalusites, a hard to find item.

– Diamond cut, clean and bright White Sapphires, a great diamond look in a natural stone.

Our sure sellers in a wide selection:

Sapphires: blue, pink, yellow, purple, peach, green, padparadscha. No zoned, cloudy, or lopsided stones in our inventory. Every stone is well cut and bright, giving you maximum life at all sizes and colors. Our rounds are all diamond cut and our selection of pairs is extensive. We also offer many beautiful unheated stones.

Aquamarines: You can compare the color and quality of the stone of your choice as we have a great range to offer you. Softer shades of blue are a sure winner.

Precious Topaz: Golden, peach, sherry, and pink. One of the best inventories around on this hard to find gem. Some nice matched pairs are also available.

Ruby: Beautiful colors at all price points. Life and brilliance of the gem increases as we go up in price. Many great stones to choose from. A few small, uniform parcels for  production at great prices.

Alexandrite: Clarity and color change are what sells this rare gem. We have great Brazilian material with exceptional cutting, and also parcels of small rounds.

Tourmaline: Fine Rubellites, blue greens, mint greens, and Tsavorite green colors in well cut singles and hard to find matched pairs (especially rounds). Also offering a few unusual colors.

Peridot: One of the finest selections in better calibrated material as well as fine larger singles in Arizona, Pakistan, and Burmese material. Many beautiful matched pairs to choose from.

* We cant list everything, so please come by our booth if you are attending the show and let the stones speak for themselves. We’d also be happy to respond to any other requests or inquiries. Let us help you offer fine color to your customers regardless of their budget.

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