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Unheated Oval Padparadscha Sapphire

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

A perfect blend of peach and pink, this super clean bright and well cut stone is of a highly desired saturation and tone of color. The beautiful even color and excellent clarity in this unheated gem is very rare and a true treat.


Item#5638  –  3.08 ct – 10.06 x 7.27 mm Oval – Unheated, GIA Certified.

A very sought after stone in a very salable size, a true beauty sure to bring a smile to anyone who wears it.

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Unheated Gemstones

Friday, November 15th, 2013

unheated gemstonesThroughout history, miners and cutters of gems have worked tirelessly to improve and enhance the beauty of their final products, developing new faceting styles as well as treatments for the gem rough. Heating gemstones is among the oldest developed technique that is still currently used with most gem material.

Some gem varieties are never heated, simply because they do not really respond to heating. These gem varieties include the whole garnet family, spinels, chrysoberyls, alexandrites, peridots, opals, emeralds and chrome tourmalines.

Among the gem varieties that are regularly heated like corundum, which includes, all rubies and sapphires, there are certain stones that are left unheated. This mainly is due to the fact that these stones would still be as saleable at a profitable market price without heating. These stones are far and few in between and make up a very small portion of all stones sold, understandably always at a premium.

It is very important to handle unheated gems differently, since they have never been exposed to high heat. We have heard of a few unfortunate times when the fact that the sapphire was unheated was not mentioned to the bench jeweler and being exposed to the torch had changed the original color of the gem. (Especially in unheated yellow sapphires) Another incident we have heard of a few times has involved customers wearing their natural gemstone jewelry to tanning booths and the radiation changing the color of the gemstones. So remember to tell your customer not to wear their jewelry there and in hot tubs!

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The World of Spinels

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Taking its rightful place in the world of gems, Spinel has definitely arrived. The discovery of the Tanzanian reds and pinks helped this beautiful gem finally get the credit it deserves. We find that using a country of origin name along with Spinel, i.e.: Burmese Spinel, helps remind everyone that these are natural gems actually mined at these sources.

The great thing about Spinel is the wonderful range of colors it comes in, its great clarity and it’s durability. Spinel has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale right behind Sapphires with a hardness of 9. As a rule, colors in Spinel tend to have steeliness to them, so finding saturated, vivid colors are a rare treat. At present, Vietnam, Burma and Sri Lanka produce pink, lavender, peach, steely blues, pink red and red colors. Tanzania produces open reds, pink reds and neony pink, (Mahenge mines) along with some new finds of purple colors.

Many shades of Spinel truly resemble that of Corundum, hence the red Spinel in the British Royal Crown Jewels thought to be rubies for many years. A bargain compared to Sapphires of the same shade of color in pink, lavender, peach and purple, Spinels look equally vibrant and beautiful. Larger sizes in this gem are hard to come by and often priced as high as their Sapphire counterparts. Obviously, fine red colors are the most expensive, with the larger sizes experiencing the largest price increase and rarity.

As more people express interest in unique and untreated gems, make sure to familiarize yourself with this wonderful gem. Please come by and check out our great selection at our booth or on our website at

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Featured Gemstone – July

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Extremely clean and bright, this well cut med light unheated  yellow sapphire of Ceylon origin has amazing life and fire. It’s color truly resembles that of a fancy color yellow diamond. Combined with the high clarity and life present in this stone, the result is stunning. Perfect for a pendant or a ring this beautiful gem will please the highest connoisseur and is a great value.

Unheated Ceylon Yellow Sapphire
6.09 ct – 13.31 x 9.30 x 6.68 mm  – Pear shape – AGTA cert
Inventory Item # 2814

In general, unheated sapphires with such high clarity are extremely rare. This color which is found only in unheated yellows, most closely resemble that of fancy color diamonds at a fraction of the price; a truly desirable gem.

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