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Red Spinel

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Red Spinel

No longer “just” the alternative red stone for those budgets which don’t allow for Ruby, Red Spinel has refound its justified place in the color gemstone world as a verified superstar. Durable, bright, and with vivid intense hues, fine gem Red Spinel can add serious wow-factor to any design. Supply has traditionally been dominated by stones from Tajikistan, Burma, and Vietnam, but fine East African Red Spinels are also now available. Burmese Red Spinels are considered the finest, and the truest red of all locations.

Visit us at to see for yourself our fine inventory of Red Spinel! Seeing is believing!

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Congratulations to all the 2016 Summer AGTA Spectrum winners!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016


2016 Summer AGTA Spectrum Winners

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“Matching” Tip on Take-In Jewelry

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

dirty vs clean color gemstoneWhether at trade shows, or directly sent or brought to our office, we encounter many pieces of used jewelry with missing or broken stones.

We are then asked to match the existing stones with what needs replaced. Most of the time these pieces of jewelry have been well used with a heavy buildup of soap residue and grime on the gemstones, making it very difficult to decide on the color and clarity of the stone in the piece. Make sure to CLEAN each piece of jewelry to the highest degree possible, BEFORE trying to match the replacement stones. Chances are the equipment you have in your store for cleaning jewelry will not be present at a loose gem dealer’s office, so it is better to clean the jewelry before the gem dealer sees them.

It is already hard to match used and often abraded stones in a piece with new stones, but this way you will at least get the best color match possible.

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The Smart Show Chicago 2012

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

This year the Smart Show in Chicago has moved it’s date to later ones in April, that is April 21 – April 23. All this means is better weather in Chicago for all of us! allowing us to better enjoy this vibrant, beautiful city and all the great things it has to offer its many visitors.

Over the past few years, the Smart Show has been able to establish itself as an important regional show, drawing buyers from all over the country, well outside just driving distances. It draws an impressive list of vendors nothing short of other major industry shows. The AGTA also has a dedicated pavilion offering an assortment of colored stones and pearls, allowing for confident buying from reputable sources, easy to reach throughout the year.

We have been very busy getting an amazing selection of color gemstonesready for this show. The huge range of materials and price points allows for great value buying at any budget. Our show volume discount program is a great way of saving big, allowing you to cross all your “must have” items off your gemstone list, at one stop.

Having just had a great show in Tucson 2012, we are expecting a very good turnout of buyers, ready to replenish their dwindling store stock, in response to the pent up demand of the returning customers this year.

So, come by and visit us at the show!

Photo by Trey Ratliff

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Mid-America Jewelry Show

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

battelle grand ballroom

Mid-American Jewelry Show

Columbus Convention Center

August 21 & 22, 2010 Booth #208

Like the weather, we too prepare to shift gears in our business and personal lives this time of the year. Summer, a time to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the slower paced lazy days, is ending and schools start everywhere. For many of us, another thing that signalizes the end of summer is the Mid-America jewelry Show, taking place here in Columbus, Ohio.

Having exhibited at it for over 20 years, we are excited this year about the change of venue. Though still at the conveniently located Columbus Convention Center, the show has been moved to the newly renovated Battelle Grand Ballroom, which is promised to be a much more beautiful and intimate setting, enhancing the overall feel of the show. We encourage all of you to take advantage of this convenient and inexpensive regional show close to you, and help get yourselves focused for business this fall.

The area around the Convention Center also has a lot to offer visitors, with a great selection of restaurants and night life right there in the Short North, a growing and emerging happening part of town. It will prove to be a fun weekend well spent for all who decide to come and visit us.

Right now, we have some new and interesting items in our inventory as well as our great selection of fine quality gems in popular and salable ranges, perfect for all tastes and budgets.

As we talk to our customers we hear that many jewelers are experiencing healthy profit margins in their offering of custom designs with colored gems and wish to expand and build on that business. So if you already haven’t tried it, start small and offer something new to your customers, making you their Color destination.

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A New Service: Offering Finished Goods

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Over the last twenty five years of being in business, we have always offered loose fine gems as our line and put all our resources and energy towards excelling in the quality and make of our loose gems.

For many years, we have also seen the desire for jewelers to have an easier and accessible way of owning more finished goods, with the quality of gems we offer. We are trying to address this interest by offering some very saleable and attractive styles of mountings that can be custom made around any gem you buy from us. You can examine the fine workmanship and the fine quality of diamond melee used in these pieces. So let us help you by having you do less work and still get that beautiful gem in the showcase, so it can start selling!

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The Desire Inherent…

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

The desire inherent in all of us to possess our own special “treasure”.

The same things we anticipate and worry about through the period of recovery of a patient; like letting them rest, periodically checking their vitals, and analyzing the results and what they indicate, holds true with the economy; that has been everyone’s one and only patient for a long time now.

It seems this patient is not in the ICU anymore, and its rate of recovery is under debate and scrutiny. In general the initial shock and the jitters that followed the bad news has had time to dissipate somewhat and everyone is now more focused on the recovery and wanting to be prepared for the slow but steady comeback and stabilizing of the retail market.

This “rest and recovery” time has translated into different things for each of us in this industry. It has meant more drastic changes for some than for others and there has been a lot of reevaluation that has taken place. Some of these shifts might not be as evident in the slower recovery period, but will later emerge as a pattern that has allowed these entrepreneurs to survive when many didn’t.

RingAmetrine gem 2000
I think a definite component of that pattern will prove to be differentiating oneself from the masses and offering a higher level of expertise in a less tapped area. A very traditional and accepted area as such is the fascinating world of precious colored gemstones.

I am still amazed at the level of interest and fascination that is conjured as someone finds out that I am a gemologist and an importer and wholesaler of gems. All of a sudden everyone has a story of something pretty that they owned and cherished and all the wonderful emotions and passions that surrounded that treasure. It makes me think of how easily any jeweler who can share and nurture this readily found passion in a customer, can highly benefit from establishing this great special bond; be it as an educator, a fellow discoverer, or a reliable and expert guide.

Sapphire Ring Gem 2000

The world of colored gems offers endless options and possibilities to this exploration and discovery, ultimately leading to the find of a cherished treasure, worthy of owning and admiring regardless of the size of ones budget. Despite having looked at thousands of carats of gems in my career, I can still experience that special excitement and awe at beholding the beauty and rarity of a special stone that says, “I am worth owning”.

Yes, our special love for color gems has led us down many amazing and adventurous paths and allows us to own a wonderful assortment of beautiful gems. Each one of them offers a unique look and feel, which has been carefully selected for its great value and price.

As a Jeweler you can reach outside the box, and tap into this great and innate passion we each possess; desiring and wishing to own our own special gem. You can create, nurture and expand this expertise in your store, so as things turn around you will be positioned well. We would love to partner and help you achieve this goal in any way possible. Our inventory and expertise is at your service.

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The Instore Show – Chicago

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The Instore Show took place in Chicago, April 19-20, 2009 for the first time. Their magazine’s content, organization, and constant improvement had encouraged us to commit to exhibiting, when they had first talked about it, over a year ago. Of course, in hindsight this might not have been the best year to introduce a new show, but then who knew! In that regard we are all equal.

The set up for the show went pretty smoothly. As exhibitors we always have the worries and concerns one has with a new location and set up. The hall was very well lit and easy to get to as you got off the buses that ran back and forth to the surrounding hotels every 1/2 hour. After we finished set up we had a nice walk along the Navy Pier. It was a nice Saturday, so it was very active, bustling with people. We ended up eating at a great seafood restaurant with an outside terrace. Both our fish dishes were very tasty and fresh. We didn’t see the sun for the next 3 days as it rained non stop, so I’m glad we got that afternoon in.

instore show gem 2000

The first day of the show, a Sunday, had very good traffic. So, it kept us busy meeting and talking to customers all day. I think the show had done a good job bringing in the numbers of attendees in light of everything. How many of them actually turned into buyers during the show, probably a bigger challenge for all involved. Although the show didn’t quite have a Tucson or JCK larger show feel to it, it definitely felt like a larger regional show with good growth potential. Many of the buyers were happy to have such a show happening close to home, in Chicago. Buyers who maybe as a rule do not attend Tucson or JCK expressed a great deal of interest at the loose gem and pearl AGTA section.

Many buyers were impressed by our selection of high quality gems, and the large range of gemstones we carry, mentioning that they have been looking for a supplier of better quality goods. Also, a great number of the buyers expressed interest in finding out more about our website and its features; such as searching for gems, great pictures, markup options, and how to integrate it into their existing website as their own virtual inventory. In general I found people more eager to learn and be educated in the area of gems where they are less exposed to or familiar with. It kept us busy and involved, hoping eventually these leads to turn into calls and sales. The second day was less busy and the third day was on the quiet side.

downtown chicago

Our room at the Sheraton had a great view of many of the beautiful and historic downtown buildings and great restaurants within walking distance. After closing up the last day of the show we walked over to this wonderful Indian and Latin fusion restaurant called Vermilion. The food was delicious, with a very sophisticated mixture of flavors and spices not commonly found in either cuisine. Walking back and forth to our hotel was a cold and windy reminder of what city we were in. The sun came out the next day as we were leaving, and the walk to where we had breakfast was fresh and beautiful.

All in all, we are glad we took part in this show and hope it grows and flourishes as consumer confidence picks up and the desire to own beautiful gems and jewelry is exercised more often.

- by Shomais Shirazi, GG

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