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JCK Review

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

By now you might have read the updates on the June JCK Las Vegas show in a variety of publications and come to know that it proved to be a strong show with a good turnout of buyers, ready to do business. The change of venue for the show was something everyone had to deal with, and I found many buyers a little frustrated trying to figure out where everything was. Almost like walking into a new grocery store and trying to figure out the new layout, finding the most efficient route to all the items on your shopping list. Mandalay Bay was trying to help with this process and all show people in charge were making notes on what needed to be improved and changed for next year. I have a feeling that by next show, buyers will feel more familiar with the floor plans, and despite this new location being a little isolated on The Strip, will not be complaining further.

We actually got many remarks from buyers that the AGTA Pavilions by far were the easiest to walk through and locate exhibitors in at the whole show.

We saw a larger turnout of overseas wholesale buyers, taking advantage of the still lower prices on old stock US dealers still had in their booths.

Because of the large range of gemstones we carry, it’s hard to decide what we sold the most of, but the trend was more of our larger finer quality pieces, and hard to find gem quality smaller sizes. Sapphires, Rubies, Alexandrites, Tourmalines, Spinels, Aquamarines, Zircons, and Peridots were all on the invoices we wrote at the show.

Due to the present ongoing increase of price in the world gem markets, every time we sold a fine quality gem, we knew that replacing it will probably cost us more than what we just sold it for. But as long time dealers who have gone through many similar cycles before, and we know that there will always be value in owning the finest gems, when buying.

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A New Buy in Fine Alexandrites

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Alexandrite gem 2000
With the current rarity of fine Alexandrites in the market, we are excited that we have been able to secure a special buy of coveted well cut, clean, Brazilian Alexandrites with excellent color change. These gems weigh 3 carats and under in a range of shapes and sizes. We would love to offer you this great selection at very low mark ups, a special just in time for the JCK Show and the month of June. So come by and check ours, if looking to stock a few of these solid choice gems.
cats eye alexandrite gem 2000

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Featuring Glenn Lehrer

Thursday, May 26th, 2011


We are excited to be carrying Glenn’s beautiful carvings and Torus Ring cuts in a variety of materials in our booth this JCK. We continue to receive a great response to Glenn’s unique and beautiful work, sharing the creative possibilities buyers see in his work. His work covers all price points allowing you to offer the unique even at lower budgets.


Come by our booth at JCK Las Vegas (#622) to check out what might catch your fancy, and visit our website for a preview.

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International Buyers Buying at Old Prices in the U.S.

Monday, May 23rd, 2011


As direct importers we experience the highs and lows of supply and demand of the gem market ahead of retailers. All indicators point to the fact that at present there is a healthy and strong demand for gems, especially finer gems, in the world market. Growing economies with an expanding middle class such as India, China and Russia, have diminished the role the U.S. used to play in setting prices internationally. That, along with a weaker dollar has really changed the playing field for the American buyer over the past few years.

We experienced strong signs of this, this past Tucson show when we saw a high number of overseas buyers going from booth to booth buying up gems that were still marked at below world market prices. With sluggish sales over the last few years, there was still plenty of old inventory in many of the U.S. dealer’s booths. U.S. buyers, not having bought in a few years, were not current on prices in general and not taking advantage of these opportunities. It has been only after selling and wishing to replace, that many U.S. dealers have been shocked with the huge increases of price at the source level. I have a feeling we will have a similar experience this JCK and then eventually as all dealers are forced to replace their goods, the real world prices of gems will hit the U.S. market.

So, I think this is a good window in time to stock up on gems still around in the U.S., that will cost up to twice as much to replace once sold.

Come and visit us to find out the good deals you can walk away with.

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Bright Spot

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Echoing similar sentiments to what we had previously posted here at Gem 2000 News,  Diana Jarrett has written a great article for the Rapaport Diamond Report about the importance color gemstones have for today’s struggling jewelers. Written from her experiences at the latest JCK show in Las Vegas, she explains why  many of the attendees and exhibitors were leaving pleasantly surprised.

Bright Spot – by Diana Jarret

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The Instore Show – Chicago

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The Instore Show took place in Chicago, April 19-20, 2009 for the first time. Their magazine’s content, organization, and constant improvement had encouraged us to commit to exhibiting, when they had first talked about it, over a year ago. Of course, in hindsight this might not have been the best year to introduce a new show, but then who knew! In that regard we are all equal.

The set up for the show went pretty smoothly. As exhibitors we always have the worries and concerns one has with a new location and set up. The hall was very well lit and easy to get to as you got off the buses that ran back and forth to the surrounding hotels every 1/2 hour. After we finished set up we had a nice walk along the Navy Pier. It was a nice Saturday, so it was very active, bustling with people. We ended up eating at a great seafood restaurant with an outside terrace. Both our fish dishes were very tasty and fresh. We didn’t see the sun for the next 3 days as it rained non stop, so I’m glad we got that afternoon in.

instore show gem 2000

The first day of the show, a Sunday, had very good traffic. So, it kept us busy meeting and talking to customers all day. I think the show had done a good job bringing in the numbers of attendees in light of everything. How many of them actually turned into buyers during the show, probably a bigger challenge for all involved. Although the show didn’t quite have a Tucson or JCK larger show feel to it, it definitely felt like a larger regional show with good growth potential. Many of the buyers were happy to have such a show happening close to home, in Chicago. Buyers who maybe as a rule do not attend Tucson or JCK expressed a great deal of interest at the loose gem and pearl AGTA section.

Many buyers were impressed by our selection of high quality gems, and the large range of gemstones we carry, mentioning that they have been looking for a supplier of better quality goods. Also, a great number of the buyers expressed interest in finding out more about our website and its features; such as searching for gems, great pictures, markup options, and how to integrate it into their existing website as their own virtual inventory. In general I found people more eager to learn and be educated in the area of gems where they are less exposed to or familiar with. It kept us busy and involved, hoping eventually these leads to turn into calls and sales. The second day was less busy and the third day was on the quiet side.

downtown chicago

Our room at the Sheraton had a great view of many of the beautiful and historic downtown buildings and great restaurants within walking distance. After closing up the last day of the show we walked over to this wonderful Indian and Latin fusion restaurant called Vermilion. The food was delicious, with a very sophisticated mixture of flavors and spices not commonly found in either cuisine. Walking back and forth to our hotel was a cold and windy reminder of what city we were in. The sun came out the next day as we were leaving, and the walk to where we had breakfast was fresh and beautiful.

All in all, we are glad we took part in this show and hope it grows and flourishes as consumer confidence picks up and the desire to own beautiful gems and jewelry is exercised more often.

- by Shomais Shirazi, GG

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