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JCK 2013

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

JCK Mandalay Bay 2013All across the jewelry industry, all around the world, increased activity is taking place in preparation for this upcoming landmark annual show.

The excitement level in our office has been building as we get closer to this much anticipated date. Sorting new parcels of recently acquired gems, preparing them for displays, and going over all the last minute details that never gets old or routine, even after all the years of exhibiting.

We are sure that you as buyers are also going through your own mental “to do list”, ensuring efficiency and success on your trip. Each year we see buyers getting more organized and systematic in tackling these shows. With so many vendors at your fingertips and the long list of tasks you have to accomplish in a short few days, being prepared ahead of time makes the world of difference. Detailed to do lists, including sizes, dimensions, pictures and actual mountings to fit stones in, are among the most helpful aid. Bring extra business cards to give to new suppliers you meet, a pocket size floor plan of the show for reference or download the app available for your smart phone. Comfortable shoes are a must and staying hydrated keeps you alert and functioning.


We have a wonderful selection of fine gems in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Please come by and visit us at AGTA Booth 622. You can also visit our website at any time when searching for specific gems, or just to browse.

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See you at JCK 2012

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Every year along with signs of the nearing of summer and all graduation related events around us, a major industry “must attend” event that tops everyone’s list is the JCK Show in Las Vegas. The largest in the world, this annual jewelry event offers the best there is to the thousands of buyers who flock to its doors from all over the world.

The second year of JCK’s major move to Mandalay Bay, the 2012 Show should prove to be more of a familiar landscape to the many time strapped buyers navigating its halls.

The AGTA Pavilion is very accessible, with well marked and easy to find booth numbers and aisles. It is open a whole day before the main show, allowing you undistracted and focused buying time before you begin to run around crossing off all other times on your “to do” list.

At Gem2000, we have a prepared a great selection of quality gemstones for your viewing, offering you a great range of choices in different gemstone materials, colors, sizes and price points. So come by and pick up your favorites just in time for the summer and add color and life to your store offerings. Color is in, stronger than ever, and quality mounted pieces will help you stand out from the crowd.

Feel free to preview our gemstones at We will be exhibiting at the AGTA Pavilion Booth #622.


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JCK Las Vegas 2011 – Gem 2000

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

The biggest show of the year, the JCK Gem and Jewelry Show, is just a few weeks away. Veteran buyers and first timers alike are equally in for all things new and changed this JCK, 2011. The new venue for this show, Mandalay Bay, promises an improved and updated show experience for all of us. New routines and strategies will have to be adapted by exhibitors and buyers alike to maximize the efficiency of the use of our time and energy, these two being elements we run short of often at these larger events.
I recommend a quick review of floor plans, knowing ahead where all of your targeted destinations are located, and the order in which you visit them.
AGTA has its own ballroom spaces at the Mandalay Bay Beach Level, and actually offers the buyers two extra buying days. AGTA opens one day prior to the main show and closes one day after the main show, allowing for more focused buying time for jewelers, manufacturers and designers attending the JCK Show from all over the world.
Presently, we have a great selection of quality fine single stones in a large variety of gems, so come and visit us early. To help you plan your time and for us to give you our undivided attention, you can call and set up an appointment with us.  1-800-545-9555 We look forward to seeing you at our booth

Visit AGTA GemFair at JCK on Facebook
Register for the JCK Las Vegas Show

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Bright Spot

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Echoing similar sentiments to what we had previously posted here at Gem 2000 News,  Diana Jarrett has written a great article for the Rapaport Diamond Report about the importance color gemstones have for today’s struggling jewelers. Written from her experiences at the latest JCK show in Las Vegas, she explains why  many of the attendees and exhibitors were leaving pleasantly surprised.

Bright Spot – by Diana Jarret

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