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Gem Cushion Ceylon Blue Sapphire

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Exhibiting optimum color, this gorgeous intense vivid rich blue Ceylon Sapphire is truly a rare find. It is exceptionally clean and well cut with an excellent face up and outline showing it to be at least one carat larger than its weight. It is a stone you will choose to keep for yourself or a loved one, truly the pick of the crop. Super hard to replace, you may still choose to sell it to your most discerning customer.

Item# 1107 –  5.07 ct –  11.1 x 8.6 mm

Stones in these sizes and qualities are becoming more scarce and gaining value as we speak. You cannot go wrong by acquiring this beauty.

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Unheated Gem Pear Shape Yellow Sapphire

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

This gorgeous unheated gem Ceylon Yellow Sapphire is amazingly clean and bright. An intense vivid medium yellow, the most desired shade of yellow, resembling fancy color yellow diamonds, this super well cut and proportioned pear shaped gem is super stunning.

unheated yellow sapphire

Item # 4540  – 7.59 ct – 16.02 x 10.51 mm
Pear Shape Unheated with an AGL Cert.

Unheated sapphires exhibiting such high clarity and life are extremely rare. This stone also has an excellent face up look for the size and appears to be a much larger stone.

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Oval Red Spinel

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Exceptionally clean and well cut, this vibrant pinkish red Spinel from Vietnam is super bright and lively.


Item# 3623 – 9.8 x 8.0 mm Oval – 3.20 ct


Larger red Spinels have become very scarce in the market, seeing the largest price increases these past few years. This is a great looking bright stone at a great value, sure to please the most discriminating of taste.

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Featured Gem: Emerald Cut Blue Spinel

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

This vivid intense rich blue Spinel from Madagascar is a true beauty. A rare shape, color and size. This beautiful gemstone truly stands out as a winner. The color of gem blue Sapphire, this Blue Spinel is a great addition to any gem collection or yet better a true joy to its wearer.

Item# 4533 – 9.6 x 8.7 Emerald Cut – 4.97 ct.

Larger blue Spinel of such fine color are very rare, especially in an E/C, a very special stone at a great value.

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Gem Oval Pakistan Peridot

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


Amazing life and cut on this gorgeous optimum color Pakistan Peridot. Super hard to find, this exceptionally clean, gem oval Peridot has maximum face up for its size.

Most Peridot this size are a lot more heavier cut and never so clean and brilliant. A hard to replace gem.

Item #1875  – 24 x 18 mm Oval 34.28 ct

We also carry a great selection in Peridot including hard to find larger matched pairs.

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Oval Gem Alexandrite

Monday, May 23rd, 2011


Totally natural, beautiful, clean and superbly well cut, this oval cut gem Alexandrite exhibits excellent color change and brilliance. It has a great face up for its weight, looking much larger than expected, an important value added when dealing in such rare stones.

3.53 ct Alexandrite oval

Item # 2094 10.65 x7.96 x4.90 mm – Oval – 3.53 ct – GIA Cert


Often cutters will hide a lot of weight in bulged pavilions, since the loss of even a few points really affects the final asking price of a stone. Larger fine Alexandrites are super rare and a true investment whether mounted and worn for all to admire, or securely put away in a collectors vault.

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Gem Chrome Tourmaline

Monday, March 7th, 2011

A beautiful rich emerald green color, this fine quality chrome tourmaline truly exemplifies the best of its color. With a rare and difficult shape to find this eye catching emerald cut chrome tourmaline is extremely unique. Perfect for offering the much sought after “green” red carpet look at a fraction of the cost at an equally fine emerald, it probably is as rare of a gem, in its own category.

Item# 3308 – 3.17 ct – Emerald Cut – 9.5 x 8.1 mmChrome Tourmaline

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A Topaz for Every Taste

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Being the November birthstone, Topaz has enjoyed long-time recognition and demand. When the inexpensive irradiated blue colored Topaz was introduced in to the market, it allowed the masses to own very affordable pieces of jewelry with Topaz. Since then other treatments such as coatings have allowed more variety of colors available for low priced commercial pieces of jewelry.

precious topaz precious topazimperial topaz pearshape

Precious Topaz has always remained strong in its own category, consistently known as being a “gem”. Under the heading of Precious Topaz, you will find colors ranging from a light yellow to gold, to golden peach. The intense peachy pinks or sherry colors are given an increased distinction and acknowledgement of their rarity by being called Imperial Topaz. Super rare and expensive, they occasionally exhibit shades of strawberry red. Pink Topaz are not as common and come in soft pastel shades up to intense medium pinks in the super fine materials. Price per carat is directly based on the shade of color of the Topaz and how much peach and pink it exhibits.

Though the fine gems are wonderful to admire and marvel at, there truly is a range of price on this gem, making them extremely accessible to all your customers regardless of budget. And yes, there always is blue Topaz as a last resort for price.

blue topaz imperial topaz red

Familiarize yourself with these choices, so you can service this request when it walks into your store. Our web search is a great tool for this overview.

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