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Stay Warm This Winter

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

With winter’s snow and cold temperatures gripping most of the northern hemisphere, we’d like to welcome everyone to cozy up next to a nice fiery Opal, the golden glow of Precious Topaz and Sapphire, or the rich warmth of Spessartite and Red Spinel.

All these and more are available to heat up your winter sales! warm this winter gemstones

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Some New Materials

Friday, March 4th, 2011

We have acquired a limited supply of beautiful open colors of blue green and mint green Tourmaline from Africa and Afghanistan, often referred to as sea foam or mint green, beautifully cut, with many matched pairs in the selection. Also a few very clean well cut pieces of soft pink Tourmaline that is so hard to find, when one wishes to duplicate the delicate larger pink diamond look.

We also have a couple of perfectly calibrated clean and bright parcels of Mexican Fire Opal, ideal for multiple accent use in a statement piece.

We have also been able to add to our great selection of beautiful blue and fancy color sapphires, despite the huge increases in price happening at the source level.

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January’s Featured Stone – Fire Opal

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

A vibrant vivid orange color, this exceptionally large and clean Brazilian fire opal is truly a unique find. Very rare in these sizes they usually tend to be on the milky or opaque side. This amazing specimen is truly eye catching and very hard to replace.

fire opal

Item # 2914
27 x 19 mm Oval Fire Opal

Perfect for any impressive one of a kind piece, it appeals to any collector of rare gems.

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Tucson Gem Show 2009

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The AGTA GemFair Pavillion

The air was crisp, the sunshine beautiful, yet in light of all the media coverage of the economy and forecasts, as exhibitors we had come knowing that we couldn’t really have the same expectations as previous years.

red trillion spinelThe show ended up better for us than we originally had imagined. Traffic at the AGTA GemFair (Feb 4-9) was about 20% down from last year, but the buyers that had shown up were pretty serious, albeit all with smaller budgets. Purchases were based on more specific calls and replacement of sold items rather than on speculation.

Items that did better for us were more unusual gemstone in nicer quality and lower per carat prices, in general a bigger look for the money such as fancy color zircon, spinel, kunzite, beryl, fancy color tourmaline, fire opal, purple cushion sapphire as well as smaller sizes of better color and quality in classic and more known gems such as blue and fancy color sapphire, tsavorite, spessartite garnet, aquamarine, rubellite, and precious topaz. In general, jewelers who have been more interested in color gems and invested time and energy in developing a market for them by educating their customer base, and offering custom design works and services seem to have benefited, and maintained better profit margins.

Our booth at the Tucson Show, in the AGTA GemFair Pavillion.

We have found that at present, prices at supplier levels have stayed pretty firm in almost all gem categories. For example, many mining and processing operations of rough gems, in Sri Lanka have shut down, since their high fixed costs are not justified by the present weaker world demand. At all levels, dealers would rather hang on to their inventory of rough or cut stones, as replacing them gets more difficult each day and nicer goods harder to find in general.

Attending the Tucson Show, whether as a buyer or in our case as an exhibitor, has an excitement associated with it true gem lovers can not resist. Once a year, the world of gems comes together at this show, creating an incredible energy which is then released and channeled through all the exciting and beautiful jewelry pieces created and offered with love to the end user. Whether you get to walk the red carpet or not, wearing these beautiful tokens of love, bring special feelings of joy and pride; emotions humans have shared through the ages.

Read an recent article by GIA color stone analyst Robert Weldon about his report from the Tucson gem and mineral shows. VIA:

gem 2000 tucson 2009

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