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Zircons: What is your fancy?

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

With a very high Refractive Index and a dispersion rivaling that of diamonds, Zircons can truly dazzle the eye with their life and brilliance. Of course, the cut, clarity and even the color of the stone all play a huge role in the degree of fire they exhibit.

beautiful natural blue zircon

Most consumers are familiar with Blue Zircons, as they are the December birthstone and found in many pieces of jewelry, mostly of commercial quality. All Blue Zircons are mined in Cambodia, with finer qualities exhibiting stunning rich blue colors, worthy of being labeled “gem” by any standard.

In recent years, new finds of fancy color Zircons from Tanzania, Madagascar and Sri Lanka have added a whole range of exotic and exciting new colors to the Zircon family. Earth tones ranging from brown, honey, rose, yellow, goldens and greens are truly uncommon and exciting new shades not previously available to a designer’s color palette. Their price points in larger sizes are also much lower than the Blue Zircons, allowing for very impressive looking larger looks at very reasonable price points. These fancy colors also look great in yellow and rose gold as well as in white metals.

Natural Brown Zircon gem Fancy Color Natural Zircons beautiful

Very diamond looking, very unique, high quality and a great value; these are all factors that combine to make each of these pieces extremely desirable and very sellable. Blue Zircons are a proven popular staple and offering fine colors in them will truly delight its existing loyal fan base.

Make sure to come by our booth and see what colors will appeal to you most, allowing you to offer impressive pieces for modest budgets. You can also browse over our website for the choices available to you.

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The Unusuals Have Become Popular

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

As importers of fine colored stones in a large range of gems, we have noticed a significant increase in interest and demand for more unusual gems. Recently this interest has become even stronger. Gems such as Chrysoberyl, Spinels, fancy color Zircons, fancy color Sapphires, Apatites, and many more have proven to be very popular. We have also noticed a greater demand for finer pieces in less expensive materials which helps distinguish a piece of jewelry from a mass produced, mall store offering.
In the same line of thinking smaller finer gems in medium to more expensive materials are also in high demand allowing jewelers to offer affordable high quality pieces to their discriminating and better informed customers.

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