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Exciting Selections

Monday, March 24th, 2014


Our love and appreciation for fine color has led us to carry one of the most diverse inventories of color gemstones, constantly changing and evolving. Taking a quick mental snapshot of what we carry at present, these are a few areas we are particularly strong in:

Unheated Sapphires:
Great clarity and cut in better colors of blue in much requested smaller sizes up to larger single stones. This also includes yellows and pink Sapphires.


Blue and Fancy Color Sapphires:
Despite the ongoing scarcity of supply and increasing prices at the source, we continue to have an extensive inventory of fine blues, many excellent matched pairs, as well as yellows, pinks, purples, peaches and other shades of color.


Chrome Tourmaline:Chrome
We are excited about our recent purchase of a few larger chromes, which are very hard to find in better colors.

Great selection of top color stones in very salable sizes, super clean, well cut and bright with many matched pairs.


Zircon, Blue and Fancy:
Fine saturated blues in very well cut stones up to larger sizes, many excellent matched pairs. A huge range of size and shades of color in green, honey, brown, rose and yellow Zircons, excellent selection.


Of course, these are only some of the types of gemstones we carry. Feel free to browse our website, which also offers a very useful search option to help you fill your requests.




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New Arrival of Tsavorite and Chrome Tourmaline

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Tsavorite Chrome Tourmaline


From our sources in East Africa, just in time for the JCK Las Vegas Show, we have received a large parcel of 2 – 5 carat single stones, a very hard size to find in nicer Tsavorite these days. Included in this shipment are some nice Chrome Tourmalines in a range of size, featuring a large cushion shape of 16cts, itself a rare find.

Come by and check out this great selection of fine “Green” gem alternatives, rare, natural and unenhanced.

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Gem Chrome Tourmaline

Monday, March 7th, 2011

A beautiful rich emerald green color, this fine quality chrome tourmaline truly exemplifies the best of its color. With a rare and difficult shape to find this eye catching emerald cut chrome tourmaline is extremely unique. Perfect for offering the much sought after “green” red carpet look at a fraction of the cost at an equally fine emerald, it probably is as rare of a gem, in its own category.

Item# 3308 – 3.17 ct – Emerald Cut – 9.5 x 8.1 mmChrome Tourmaline

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Green is In

Friday, November 20th, 2009

green gemstonesAs we approach the month where most jewelers report, accounts for more than 30% of their yearly sales, it is important to be aware of what is “desired” this season. Based on fashion and industry reports “green” is in. Green, with all its wonderful and various shades, from forest to moss to lemon. Our extensive range of colored gems in green includes: Emeralds, Tsavorites, Chrome Tourmalines, amazing varied hues of Tourmaline, Peridots, green Zircons, and lemony Chrysoberyls. This great range and variety of gems is sure to please all tastes and budgets. Make sure to offer some “green” to your customers this season.

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