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Exciting New Gems

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

It is always exciting to get beautiful new gemstones in, even when it means all the work of measuring, weighing, packaging, labeling, entering into inventory, and photographing. Many fresh Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Alexandrite, Tanzanite, Spinel, Zircon, and more are available and searchable now at GEM 2000. Take a look!


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Wear-ability of Gems

Monday, August 6th, 2012


As a gemstone dealer who has chosen to inventory a large variety of gemstones, I am often asked about the durability and wear-ability of specific gemstones we carry. I try to answer this question by first asking:

“What piece of jewelry is this gem getting set in?”

Obviously a ring gemstone is a lot more exposed to getting knocked around than a pendant or earrings. If the answer is a ring, then I need to ask if the ring is a cocktail ring worn occasionally or an engagement ring that will be worn every day and will experience a lot more wear and tear.

If it is an engagement stone, I recommend that they not go lower than an 8 on the Mohs’ scale of hardness.

These gem varieties include: Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel, Alexandrite, Chrysoberyl and Topaz. Of course, gemstones with hardness of 6 1/2 and up are still very suitable for wear in rings, but not on an everyday basis. Softer stones than that, I highly recommend be worn in pendants, pins or earrings. Gems softer than a 4 should be cherished more as beautiful specimens to look at but maybe not mounted in jewelry.

Sharing this type of information with your customers will help them make informed gem purchases, suitable for their lifestyle and jewelry use.

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Demonstrating Color Change in Gemstones

Thursday, May 17th, 2012


The most famous gems that exhibit color change are Alexandrites, Garnets, Sapphires and Spinels. Each gem variety has its own degree of color change or color shift and typical range of colors it exhibits in different lights. In order to get the best color change performance from the gem you are presenting to your customer, it is very important that you know how this works.

You need to have a daylight lamp, like most Diamond viewing desktop lamps, or better yet actual mid-day daylight, if possible, and a strong source of warm or incandescent light, most easily found in a non-LED flashlight. First let customers see the gem, for example an Alexandrite, under daylight alone; they will see a teal blue green. Then, isolate the gem from all other lights and shine an incandescent bulb flashlight on it. Here, you will see a burgundy eggplant red, in the case of a fine Brazilian stone.

You can use your existing overhead counter lights only if they can replace on of these two types of lights. Mixed lighting or using the wrong types will not let your customer view the color change present in the gem. You will lose the sale with no fault of the gem, just the inability to demonstrate it.

Color shift is basically a less dramatic version of color change and a bit harder to see, more common in sapphires.

Daylight (other than sunrise/sunset), Florescent, LED - Alexandrite, Garnet, Sapphire

Incandescent Light, Sunrise/Sunset, Candlelight - Alexandrite, Garnet, Sapphire


As you know, success lies in the correct presentation of what you are selling, so make sure you go over this information and practice it with your sales staff.

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New Arrivals

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

We have recently received some great parcels of gems from our cutters just in time for any calls you might have this upcoming holiday season. Of course these are in addition to our already extensive inventory, available to you on our website.


Cushion Honey Zircon


Blue Zircon – Many beautifully cut rich colors in a variety of shape up to 10 carat+ sizes. Nicer colors in larger sizes are very hard to find especially as of late, so we are very excited to offer you these beauties.

Fancy Color Zircon – A few larger wonderful pieces in a rose hue which are very rare and hard to find, a great addition to our great selection of smaller sizes.

Alexandrite – A great selection of fine gems with great clarity, superb cutting, and excellent color change mostly in ovals and cushion in up to 2 carat sizes. To assure your customer of their investment aspects remind them that they are best off with the rarer finer qualities when purchasing Alexandrites.

Aquamarine – Just received some great matched pairs in nicer colors as well as some beautiful well cut singles. A classic favorite of all times, finer aquamarines end up as heirloom pieces, and passed on to loved ones all the time.

Tourmalines – A great selection of beautiful open colors in green and blue greens, blue, rubellites, and pinks all very well cut and super bright. We definitely have a great range of size, price, and color to offer you in this still very affordable gem.

Spinel – Peach, Lavender, pink, blue and red, Spinel is no longer an unknown to the public, and the word is out on their beauty and durability with a rightful place, after sapphire. Vibrant hues are extremely hard to find and sure to please your discriminating customers. Check out our great selection of well cut and bright stones.

Fancy Color Sapphire – With the increase in the popularity of colored diamonds, the public has also fallen in love with all sapphires besides blue. We are proud of our offering of exceptional blue sapphires, but we also are excited about our peach, pink, lavender, yellow, green, and purple varieties. Check out our great selection when offering the unusual colors in this timeless and durable gem.

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Fine Oval Alexandrite

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011


Exhibiting a great color change, this well cut, clean and bright fine Brazilian natural Alexandrite has excellent face up dimensions for its weight. Visually it looks more like a 2+ carat gem.

Item # 3503
8.87 x 6.15 x 4.15 mm – Oval – 1.67 ct

Alexandrites are very rare gems and the finer material highly sought after. Suitable for both women’s and men’s jewelry, with an established prestige and following, this beautiful oval Alexandrite is also a great buy.

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A New Buy in Fine Alexandrites

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Alexandrite gem 2000
With the current rarity of fine Alexandrites in the market, we are excited that we have been able to secure a special buy of coveted well cut, clean, Brazilian Alexandrites with excellent color change. These gems weigh 3 carats and under in a range of shapes and sizes. We would love to offer you this great selection at very low mark ups, a special just in time for the JCK Show and the month of June. So come by and check ours, if looking to stock a few of these solid choice gems.
cats eye alexandrite gem 2000

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Oval Gem Alexandrite

Monday, May 23rd, 2011


Totally natural, beautiful, clean and superbly well cut, this oval cut gem Alexandrite exhibits excellent color change and brilliance. It has a great face up for its weight, looking much larger than expected, an important value added when dealing in such rare stones.

3.53 ct Alexandrite oval

Item # 2094 10.65 x7.96 x4.90 mm – Oval – 3.53 ct – GIA Cert


Often cutters will hide a lot of weight in bulged pavilions, since the loss of even a few points really affects the final asking price of a stone. Larger fine Alexandrites are super rare and a true investment whether mounted and worn for all to admire, or securely put away in a collectors vault.

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A New Find: Color Change Garnet from Kenya

Friday, February 19th, 2010

colr change garnet kenya
Gems with phenomena have always held our fascination. When thinking of “fine color change”, Alexandrite is what comes to mind. What makes this particular find of Color Change Garnet from Kenya special, is that among them are some stones that duplicate the color change of Alexandrite. The other types of color change garnet  mined there also have very good color change, but in a different range of colors, very beautiful in their own right. These types usually are a lot less expensive and more plentiful.

color change garnet kenya

I had a few jewelers and dealers look at some nice stones I was displaying in Tucson, saying that if not told; by the color change alone they would have thought for sure these were Alexandrites.

e/c color change garnetround color change garnrt

The supply on this specific type of color change garnet is very limited, making it very attractive to any collector.

To see more details on our new color change garnet, visit the Gem 2000 Gem Search.

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Gem 2000 at the Columbus Jewelry Show

Monday, August 11th, 2008

The Columbus Jewelry Show is taking place in Columbus, OH on August 23,24.  Come visit us at booth # 909. We have been exhibiting at this show for around 20 years and have been witness to many changes and trends in our industry. As you are all aware, the margins in diamonds have gotten smaller. To combat this, you can offer more value and size in a piece of jewelry by using colored stones. We offer a very wide range of gems in all colors and price per carat to fit every budget and call. We are proud to say that we constantly offer nicer qualities, even in lower price point gems, never sacrificing beauty in the end product, thus adding value to each piece of jewelry sold.

Interesting and unusual items that have been doing well:

– Fancy color Zircons as well as fine blue Zircon. The yellows, cognac, brown, and greens are a nice fancy color diamond look since Zircon has such a high RI. You can definitely achieve a diamond look with this gem. It’s hard to find clean and bright materials in these colors. Our fine cutting and brilliance make them a sure sell.

– A few parcels of fine 5-15ct Kunzite with saturated colors and fine cutting, offering soft pinks that are so popular in today’s colors.

– A few parcels of fine Iolite, the great color of these goods, a reminder of fine Tanzanite.

– A nice range of colors and sizes in Spinel. Being durable, bright and clean, many colors resemble sapphires at a much lower price point.

– Great selection of the peach colored Sapphires including many Padparadschas.

– Couple of larger fine Andalusites, a hard to find item.

– Diamond cut, clean and bright White Sapphires, a great diamond look in a natural stone.

Our sure sellers in a wide selection:

Sapphires: blue, pink, yellow, purple, peach, green, padparadscha. No zoned, cloudy, or lopsided stones in our inventory. Every stone is well cut and bright, giving you maximum life at all sizes and colors. Our rounds are all diamond cut and our selection of pairs is extensive. We also offer many beautiful unheated stones.

Aquamarines: You can compare the color and quality of the stone of your choice as we have a great range to offer you. Softer shades of blue are a sure winner.

Precious Topaz: Golden, peach, sherry, and pink. One of the best inventories around on this hard to find gem. Some nice matched pairs are also available.

Ruby: Beautiful colors at all price points. Life and brilliance of the gem increases as we go up in price. Many great stones to choose from. A few small, uniform parcels for  production at great prices.

Alexandrite: Clarity and color change are what sells this rare gem. We have great Brazilian material with exceptional cutting, and also parcels of small rounds.

Tourmaline: Fine Rubellites, blue greens, mint greens, and Tsavorite green colors in well cut singles and hard to find matched pairs (especially rounds). Also offering a few unusual colors.

Peridot: One of the finest selections in better calibrated material as well as fine larger singles in Arizona, Pakistan, and Burmese material. Many beautiful matched pairs to choose from.

* We cant list everything, so please come by our booth if you are attending the show and let the stones speak for themselves. We’d also be happy to respond to any other requests or inquiries. Let us help you offer fine color to your customers regardless of their budget.

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