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See you at JCK 2012

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Every year along with signs of the nearing of summer and all graduation related events around us, a major industry “must attend” event that tops everyone’s list is the JCK Show in Las Vegas. The largest in the world, this annual jewelry event offers the best there is to the thousands of buyers who flock to its doors from all over the world.

The second year of JCK’s major move to Mandalay Bay, the 2012 Show should prove to be more of a familiar landscape to the many time strapped buyers navigating its halls.

The AGTA Pavilion is very accessible, with well marked and easy to find booth numbers and aisles. It is open a whole day before the main show, allowing you undistracted and focused buying time before you begin to run around crossing off all other times on your “to do” list.

At Gem2000, we have a prepared a great selection of quality gemstones for your viewing, offering you a great range of choices in different gemstone materials, colors, sizes and price points. So come by and pick up your favorites just in time for the summer and add color and life to your store offerings. Color is in, stronger than ever, and quality mounted pieces will help you stand out from the crowd.

Feel free to preview our gemstones at We will be exhibiting at the AGTA Pavilion Booth #622.


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JCK Las Vegas 2011 – Gem 2000

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

The biggest show of the year, the JCK Gem and Jewelry Show, is just a few weeks away. Veteran buyers and first timers alike are equally in for all things new and changed this JCK, 2011. The new venue for this show, Mandalay Bay, promises an improved and updated show experience for all of us. New routines and strategies will have to be adapted by exhibitors and buyers alike to maximize the efficiency of the use of our time and energy, these two being elements we run short of often at these larger events.
I recommend a quick review of floor plans, knowing ahead where all of your targeted destinations are located, and the order in which you visit them.
AGTA has its own ballroom spaces at the Mandalay Bay Beach Level, and actually offers the buyers two extra buying days. AGTA opens one day prior to the main show and closes one day after the main show, allowing for more focused buying time for jewelers, manufacturers and designers attending the JCK Show from all over the world.
Presently, we have a great selection of quality fine single stones in a large variety of gems, so come and visit us early. To help you plan your time and for us to give you our undivided attention, you can call and set up an appointment with us.  1-800-545-9555 We look forward to seeing you at our booth

Visit AGTA GemFair at JCK on Facebook
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Tucson Gem Show 2009

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The AGTA GemFair Pavillion

The air was crisp, the sunshine beautiful, yet in light of all the media coverage of the economy and forecasts, as exhibitors we had come knowing that we couldn’t really have the same expectations as previous years.

red trillion spinelThe show ended up better for us than we originally had imagined. Traffic at the AGTA GemFair (Feb 4-9) was about 20% down from last year, but the buyers that had shown up were pretty serious, albeit all with smaller budgets. Purchases were based on more specific calls and replacement of sold items rather than on speculation.

Items that did better for us were more unusual gemstone in nicer quality and lower per carat prices, in general a bigger look for the money such as fancy color zircon, spinel, kunzite, beryl, fancy color tourmaline, fire opal, purple cushion sapphire as well as smaller sizes of better color and quality in classic and more known gems such as blue and fancy color sapphire, tsavorite, spessartite garnet, aquamarine, rubellite, and precious topaz. In general, jewelers who have been more interested in color gems and invested time and energy in developing a market for them by educating their customer base, and offering custom design works and services seem to have benefited, and maintained better profit margins.

Our booth at the Tucson Show, in the AGTA GemFair Pavillion.

We have found that at present, prices at supplier levels have stayed pretty firm in almost all gem categories. For example, many mining and processing operations of rough gems, in Sri Lanka have shut down, since their high fixed costs are not justified by the present weaker world demand. At all levels, dealers would rather hang on to their inventory of rough or cut stones, as replacing them gets more difficult each day and nicer goods harder to find in general.

Attending the Tucson Show, whether as a buyer or in our case as an exhibitor, has an excitement associated with it true gem lovers can not resist. Once a year, the world of gems comes together at this show, creating an incredible energy which is then released and channeled through all the exciting and beautiful jewelry pieces created and offered with love to the end user. Whether you get to walk the red carpet or not, wearing these beautiful tokens of love, bring special feelings of joy and pride; emotions humans have shared through the ages.

Read an recent article by GIA color stone analyst Robert Weldon about his report from the Tucson gem and mineral shows. VIA:

gem 2000 tucson 2009

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Sapphire Prices Higher, Larger Sizes Harder to Find

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

In general, most jewelers’ gem purchases happen at trade shows, from visiting dealers at the store, and of course the special requests through the year where we call our favorite suppliers and have them send us a few stones on memo to show to our customer. The idea most jewelers have about the price of a gem is based on what they have last bought it for, seen it at a show or from a memo sent to them by a dealer. When exhibiting at trade shows, I can tell how many years it has been since a customer has bought a certain type of stone based on how much the tell me they last paid for it. In other words, prices on most gems a have been steadily increasing. Having an updated knowledge of how much of an increase can help jewelers give more realistic quotes to their customers and also not sell a gem they have owned for many years, only to realize they cant even replace it for the retail price they sold it for!!

As wholesale dealers, being higher up in the distribution channel, we experience these shifts and increases first hand before jewelers do. To best fill jewelers needs, we have to constantly buy to keep our inventory levels high. Based on supply, different varieties of gemstones experience different levels of price increase, and in general, commercial grades of gems are less affected price wise than the gem quality materials. Also, Increases in prices are more drastic some years than others. The world’s gem supply is basically offered to the world market at large and the strength of the buyers is determined by the economies of their respective countries. Over the last couple of years, the American buyers have had a much harder time competing for the finer goods, because of a weaker dollar, the presence of emerging strong economies like India and China, and cash based economies like Russia.

During a recent purchase from a Sri Lankan dealer/cutter that specializes in finer quality, better cut gems who we have worked with for many years, we noticed a significant increase in the prices of 1ct and larger stones, and anywhere from 20-25% price increase in finer yellow sapphires from over just five months ago. The increase of blue sapphire pricing was a little less, with a more drastic increase in the medium to medium light colors. Availability of larger stones in general was down, and it was hard to replace the 3ct plus, higher sized blues. Pink sapphires of nice color and larger sizes were basically not there.

It always takes a while for new prices to establish themselves all the way down to retail and going through a major trade show usually helps the industry with that process. The next major upcoming gem show is the Tucson show, February 2009, where we will be exhibiting at the AGTA GemFair, Booth #1006. Please come and visit!

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