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AGS Conclave 2014

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

This year AGS was celebrating its 80th anniversary in great style at the Conclave held in the beautiful Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego, California. Besides its charming location by the beach, the AGS team, with the help of the many industry sponsors, had come up with an amazing array of speakers to help motivate and educate the record number of attendees at the event.

Impossible to cover everything that was said, we would like to just share some highlights of some of these presentations for the benefit of all who were not there.

magic johnson ags conclave 2014Magic Johnson – An amazing businessman and entrepreneur, he enchanted everyone with his genuine warmth and honesty. “It is not whether you can be successful; it’s how many people you can help make successful.” “You are in business to win, but you need to do things the right way.” “There are no shortcuts to being successful, believe in over-delivering.” “If you don’t dream it, you can’t achieve it, commitment to what you do is vital.” These were some of his principles that have helped him achieve the success he has.

Peter Sheahan – A world renowned speaker, he touched on exploiting business trends and new market opportunities, emphasizing the need to be open to change and adapting fast so not to be left behind, really focusing on developing your brand, small steps at a time. The example he shared here was Burberry, and the essential need for filling a niche in the overall market, as an ongoing strategy.

eric wahl ags conclaveErik Wahl – A talented graffiti speed drawing artist, author and entrepreneur, he spell bound the audience with art creations, touching on the existing fear within each one of us to try something new, he encouraged us to tap into our inner child when it comes to creativity and imagination, to help us think outside the box and innovate; a truly unique insight much lacking in today’s corporate environments.

Bryan Dodge – A very expressive and entertaining speaker, he touched on success habits and leader principles. Very emotional in his expressions when sharing life examples, his main focus remained on “being real and truly caring.”

A few of the other sessions worth noting were:

Red carpet exposure – The power of celebrity by Erica Courtney

She was giving real examples of how to incorporate this power at a community level and mutually benefitting from the media buzz your store can create from it.

How to run a colored stone roundtable by Sherris Cottier Shank

She shared her own experience on how to best set up and run a roundtable for maximum effect. It is a great way to excite your customers about the world of colored gems in a comfortable environment with a full hands on sensory experience, opening up a whole new avenue of sales. She also shared that she was offering her know how to any store who was interested.

The AGS fashion show and the 80’s dinner dance were both very fun and entertaining and it did not hurt having a beautiful full ocean view from the main meeting hall at all times. Looking forward to next year’s Conclave in New Orleans.

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