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Tucson 2014 Review

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Tucson gem show agta 2014

Anyone remotely interested in colored gemstones in the jewelry industry, is fully aware of the important role the Tucson Show plays in setting expectations and standards for the whole world gem market. This could be regarding availability of rough in different gem materials, popularity of gemstones and colors, and an update on current market prices on all categories of gems.

tucson gem show agtaBeing on constant watch for all of these factors, we continually fine-tune our buying to allow us to service our customers competitively and offer the best value. We are pleased when we are assured of this fact by positive feedback from customers buying at our booth, with so many shopping options available in Tucson!

This year we had great interest shown in our whole range of fancy colored sapphires and blue sapphires. Our Spinel trays were pulled out of the showcases ongoingly as well as our Tsavorites and Spessartites. We got many remarks on the great selection of Aquamarines and Tourmalines we carry, which include many great matched pairs, not a common occurrence.

In general, we sold many more of our finer stones than our medium quality in most varieties of gems and ranges of color. The overall mood of the gem hall was positive and upbeat and buyers seemed more focused and busy taking care of their “To-Do” lists. All of these factors, signs of a stronger year ahead for all of us.

color gems

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Unheated Oval Padparadscha Sapphire

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

A perfect blend of peach and pink, this super clean bright and well cut stone is of a highly desired saturation and tone of color. The beautiful even color and excellent clarity in this unheated gem is very rare and a true treat.


Item#5638  –  3.08 ct – 10.06 x 7.27 mm Oval – Unheated, GIA Certified.

A very sought after stone in a very salable size, a true beauty sure to bring a smile to anyone who wears it.

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“Matching” Tip on Take-In Jewelry

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

dirty vs clean color gemstoneWhether at trade shows, or directly sent or brought to our office, we encounter many pieces of used jewelry with missing or broken stones.

We are then asked to match the existing stones with what needs replaced. Most of the time these pieces of jewelry have been well used with a heavy buildup of soap residue and grime on the gemstones, making it very difficult to decide on the color and clarity of the stone in the piece. Make sure to CLEAN each piece of jewelry to the highest degree possible, BEFORE trying to match the replacement stones. Chances are the equipment you have in your store for cleaning jewelry will not be present at a loose gem dealer’s office, so it is better to clean the jewelry before the gem dealer sees them.

It is already hard to match used and often abraded stones in a piece with new stones, but this way you will at least get the best color match possible.

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Exciting Selections

Monday, March 24th, 2014


Our love and appreciation for fine color has led us to carry one of the most diverse inventories of color gemstones, constantly changing and evolving. Taking a quick mental snapshot of what we carry at present, these are a few areas we are particularly strong in:

Unheated Sapphires:
Great clarity and cut in better colors of blue in much requested smaller sizes up to larger single stones. This also includes yellows and pink Sapphires.


Blue and Fancy Color Sapphires:
Despite the ongoing scarcity of supply and increasing prices at the source, we continue to have an extensive inventory of fine blues, many excellent matched pairs, as well as yellows, pinks, purples, peaches and other shades of color.


Chrome Tourmaline:Chrome
We are excited about our recent purchase of a few larger chromes, which are very hard to find in better colors.

Great selection of top color stones in very salable sizes, super clean, well cut and bright with many matched pairs.


Zircon, Blue and Fancy:
Fine saturated blues in very well cut stones up to larger sizes, many excellent matched pairs. A huge range of size and shades of color in green, honey, brown, rose and yellow Zircons, excellent selection.


Of course, these are only some of the types of gemstones we carry. Feel free to browse our website, which also offers a very useful search option to help you fill your requests.




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The Smart Jewelry Show 2014

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

smart jewelry show

With much anticipation for the arrival of spring this year, much of the retail industry is reminding us daily of lighter brighter more colorful days ahead. Perfectly timed, after a very hard and long winter for many of us, the Smart Jewelry Show is a wonderful venue where you can stock up on all that signals the renewal of life and the celebration of color.

SMART Jewelry Show 2010 LogoAt the Navy Pier in Chicago, this important regional show has consistently grown and improved since it began 5 years ago, making it a perfect destination for many jewelers who cannot wait as long as JCK or enjoy a more manageable, calmer show experience.There is a huge range of vendors covering every single aspect of the industry along with tons of seminars, classes and informational meetings.

At present, we have a wonderful range of beautiful colored gems in many varieties and price points. Please come by our booth and take a look for yourself and enjoy the quality and value we offer.

Feel free to preview our inventory online to get familiar with our offerings. We look forward to seeing you there. Visiting Chicago is so much fun, you cannot go wrong!

AGTA Section – Booth #717

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