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Unheated Gem Pear Shape Yellow Sapphire

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

This gorgeous unheated gem Ceylon Yellow Sapphire is amazingly clean and bright. An intense vivid medium yellow, the most desired shade of yellow, resembling fancy color yellow diamonds, this super well cut and proportioned pear shaped gem is super stunning.

unheated yellow sapphire

Item # 4540  – 7.59 ct – 16.02 x 10.51 mm
Pear Shape Unheated with an AGL Cert.

Unheated sapphires exhibiting such high clarity and life are extremely rare. This stone also has an excellent face up look for the size and appears to be a much larger stone.

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Knowledge leads to sales

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

CONCLAVEAttending the recent AGS conclave in Phoenix as registered suppliers, we were constantly reminded by all the various presenters how important it is for jewelry stores to train and empower their sales staff. They are the face of your company and frankly determine whether you can sell or not.

This thought is also emphasized by this quote recently published in the Rapaport/Trade Wire by Janet Novack/Forbes,

“Traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers squander their immediacy edge with indifferent/uninformed sales help, who look even worse when compared to this information now available on the web. But they can do well if they integrate their online and in-store services, carry enough inventory and price competitivity.”

Being at the receiving end of color stones orders from the sales floor, we have noticed that except for some very knowledgeable store owners handling these orders themselves, most other staff members could truly benefit from increased knowledge on colored stones. AGTA, the leading authority on color, offers some very in depth and informational online education regarding color stones to its members.

As longtime AGTA members, we would like to encourage you to join and take advantage of this excellent available resource to educate your staff on color. By maximizing your sales potential you will recoup its cost in a single transaction not possible before. Empower your staff with knowledge on color gems and ensure your share of this growing market. Also, feel free to use our website for real life availability of gems and pricing information.

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Zircons: What is your fancy?

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

With a very high Refractive Index and a dispersion rivaling that of diamonds, Zircons can truly dazzle the eye with their life and brilliance. Of course, the cut, clarity and even the color of the stone all play a huge role in the degree of fire they exhibit.

beautiful natural blue zircon

Most consumers are familiar with Blue Zircons, as they are the December birthstone and found in many pieces of jewelry, mostly of commercial quality. All Blue Zircons are mined in Cambodia, with finer qualities exhibiting stunning rich blue colors, worthy of being labeled “gem” by any standard.

In recent years, new finds of fancy color Zircons from Tanzania, Madagascar and Sri Lanka have added a whole range of exotic and exciting new colors to the Zircon family. Earth tones ranging from brown, honey, rose, yellow, goldens and greens are truly uncommon and exciting new shades not previously available to a designer’s color palette. Their price points in larger sizes are also much lower than the Blue Zircons, allowing for very impressive looking larger looks at very reasonable price points. These fancy colors also look great in yellow and rose gold as well as in white metals.

Natural Brown Zircon gem Fancy Color Natural Zircons beautiful

Very diamond looking, very unique, high quality and a great value; these are all factors that combine to make each of these pieces extremely desirable and very sellable. Blue Zircons are a proven popular staple and offering fine colors in them will truly delight its existing loyal fan base.

Make sure to come by our booth and see what colors will appeal to you most, allowing you to offer impressive pieces for modest budgets. You can also browse over our website for the choices available to you.

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Light & Bright

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

green gemstones

Bombarded by industry news and fashion publications, we are all well aware that the choice color of this year is, “Emerald Green”.

The large varieties of colors available in the “GREEN” family are all equally appealing and desirable. Each of them offer different looks and price points to your fashion savvy customers. Gemstones such as Peridot, Tourmalines, Tsavorite, and Green Zircon are great choices besides the obvious coveted Emerald.

In general, lighter and brighter pieces seem to dominate the color palette in fashion and jewelry in a whole range of colors. Softer brighter shades of color seem to capture the mood of today’s buyer the best, bringing a fun and easy spirit to a feminine yet playful look. Have fun mixing vibrant pastel colors together, or keep it simple with one color only accented with neutrals like diamonds or pearls.

light and bright

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JCK 2013

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

JCK Mandalay Bay 2013All across the jewelry industry, all around the world, increased activity is taking place in preparation for this upcoming landmark annual show.

The excitement level in our office has been building as we get closer to this much anticipated date. Sorting new parcels of recently acquired gems, preparing them for displays, and going over all the last minute details that never gets old or routine, even after all the years of exhibiting.

We are sure that you as buyers are also going through your own mental “to do list”, ensuring efficiency and success on your trip. Each year we see buyers getting more organized and systematic in tackling these shows. With so many vendors at your fingertips and the long list of tasks you have to accomplish in a short few days, being prepared ahead of time makes the world of difference. Detailed to do lists, including sizes, dimensions, pictures and actual mountings to fit stones in, are among the most helpful aid. Bring extra business cards to give to new suppliers you meet, a pocket size floor plan of the show for reference or download the app available for your smart phone. Comfortable shoes are a must and staying hydrated keeps you alert and functioning.


We have a wonderful selection of fine gems in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Please come by and visit us at AGTA Booth 622. You can also visit our website at any time when searching for specific gems, or just to browse.

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