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Glenn Lehrer

Monday, October 22nd, 2012


This world renowned gem artist has been very busy lately traveling the world buying rough, inspiring him to create more one of a kind pieces for his fans.

We are proud to continue to represent his work at trade shows, bringing the unique and unusual to you in his easy to work with Torus cuts and carvings.  Check out our website to familiarize yourself with his work or make sure to stop by our booth for an up-close and personal viewing.

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Fine Emerald Cut Unheated Blue Sapphire

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

A fine rich blue color, this beautiful 6.11 ct E/C Blue Sapphire shows even color and life throughout the stone.  Extremely clean and super well cut this hard to find gem is an amazing find.

Item# 1109 –  6.11 E/C 11.68 X 8.91 mm unheated AGTA Cert

Larger emerald cut sapphires are extremely hard to find.   Almost always you will see heavy zoning in this cut largely due to the nature of the step cut faceting patterns.  These factors are then compounded in an unheated stone where inclusions and clouds are also more present.

So, to find this amazing perfect stone in both unheated and emerald cut is something to recognize and cherish.  A great value to own in the present world market of larger Blue Sapphires.

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Are you ready for the Season?

Friday, October 19th, 2012

All numbers and forecasts indicate a stronger season this year so we at GEM 2000 are getting ready to help you with all your gem requests.  This includes having a strong inventory of gems on hand as well as giving you access to it through our strong website and search feature, allowing you to show great pictures of the gems with your own markups as prices to your customers.  Another service we can offer you is sending you a selection of gems to pick from, as you look at your various semi mounts that you know will sell, if mounted with the right center stone.

So decide on the sizes, colors and price points you want to see and then enjoy looking at gems at your own desk, deciding what works best in each of your mountings.  You can also see what shapes and colors of gems works best for your store and make sure you have  a few of these on hand to help you develop the market for custom work, which will set your store apart from other stores.  We are here to help you have a successful, and colorful season, so do not hesitate to look us up.

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Monaco Blue – Pantone’s Color of Spring 2013

Thursday, October 18th, 2012


We are sharing with you the list of the Pantone Spring 2013 Color Report top 10 colors, as well as “THE” color of the next year – Monaco Blue.

“It (Monaco Blue) speaks to the practicality that we are seeing in society”, says Pantone’s executive director Leatrice Eiseman.

These color predictions are done by obsessively looking at runway shows and keeping tabs on the fashion industry. Pantone researches the spring shows and the colors designers were using and found that the mood was resoundingly practical and pop art inspired.

As you get ready to offer the latest to your fashion savvy customers, it’s good to know what gems and colors are available that work well with the new wardrobe these ladies will be purchasing fresh off the racks.


Brown Zircons have a nice neutral color that blends well with all the top 10 Pantone colors for 2013,  making any piece of jewelry featuring Brown Zircons very versatile in its wear.

Leatrice Eiseman talks about the 2013 Pantone colors:

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Yellow Sapphire Update

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Popular for many years, fancy color sapphires have claimed their rightful place in the world of gems. The yellow color is among the favorites, of which certain shades duplicate the desirable yellow diamond colors. Up to the late 1990’s, all yellow sapphires were either unheated or basically “just heated”. This has changed, at present, they are divided into unheated, beryllium treated and “just heated”.

As firm members of AGTA, we have an ethical obligation to always reveal the correct enhancement on any gem we sell. So we have to make sure we are fully informed of the type of treatment. We have seen that over the last few years “just heated” yellows have become scarce. The reason being that most of these yellow sapphires are cooked in the same ovens where batches of heating along with beryllium diffusion happens, thus contaminating consequent batches even if not intentionally. For stones to be truly “just heated” a single cutter needs to have processed the rough and heating themselves, in ovens never used for diffusion.

What has also changed in the present world market is the larger demand from other countries outside of the US and Europe for better, larger, quality gems. On top of that list is fine unheated yellow sapphires, particularly cherished by the strong Indian market. As prices for fine clean unheated yellows have gone up, availability on “just heated” yellows have also gone down. There still is some availability on beryllium treated stones in the market. Due to scarcity of supply, “BE” treated yellow sapphires have become more expected as the norm and accepted by the trade in general. To best reflect fair market prices on gems per their treatment, we certify all our unheated yellow sapphires to offer a confident market value to our customers.

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