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Glenn Lehrer

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Striving to distinguish yourselves from the crowd? Carrying a one of a kind, unique piece of jewelry is a sure winner.
We are excited to continue representing Glenn Lehrer works of art at our booth. A renowned and award winning artist and gem carver, he is famous for his Torus cuts in a variety of gem materials. His carvings never cease to capture the imagination of the creative mind, offering endless possibilities of design.

Come by our booth and familiarize yourself with his work or visit our website for a preview.



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Gem Oval Pakistan Peridot

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


Amazing life and cut on this gorgeous optimum color Pakistan Peridot. Super hard to find, this exceptionally clean, gem oval Peridot has maximum face up for its size.

Most Peridot this size are a lot more heavier cut and never so clean and brilliant. A hard to replace gem.

Item #1875  – 24 x 18 mm Oval 34.28 ct

We also carry a great selection in Peridot including hard to find larger matched pairs.

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Beautiful Natural Zircon

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

High on the list of the most cherished and recognized shades of blue in gemstones are Zircons.  Their color ranges from a swimming pool blue to an intense rich Indicolite or Sapphire blue.  Their high refractive index gives them a very bright and dispersive diamond like look.   Most people also know Blue Zircon as the December birthstone seen in a variety of jewelry pieces.  Blue Zircons have been around for many years and their main source is Cambodia.
In recent years, there have been more finds of Natural Zircons in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Tanzania offering beautiful warm earthtones including golden, yellow, honey, cognac, rootbeer, orange brown, rosey brown, cinnamon and green.   Using creative descriptive terms to best conjure up the right color, has been an interesting challenge.

But as a whole I choose to call them Natural Fancy Color Zircons.  This implies they are not manmade, are the more unusual shades of Zircon and actually duplicate a lot of the shades found in Natural Color Diamonds, equally lively and dispersive only at much more affordable price points.

These gems allow you to offer very impressive pieces of jewelry, with great mark ups at very desirable price points.  We presently have a great selection of these beauties for you to choose from, so make time to visit our website or our booth at the next major show. You cannot go wrong.

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Wear-ability of Gems

Monday, August 6th, 2012


As a gemstone dealer who has chosen to inventory a large variety of gemstones, I am often asked about the durability and wear-ability of specific gemstones we carry. I try to answer this question by first asking:

“What piece of jewelry is this gem getting set in?”

Obviously a ring gemstone is a lot more exposed to getting knocked around than a pendant or earrings. If the answer is a ring, then I need to ask if the ring is a cocktail ring worn occasionally or an engagement ring that will be worn every day and will experience a lot more wear and tear.

If it is an engagement stone, I recommend that they not go lower than an 8 on the Mohs’ scale of hardness.

These gem varieties include: Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel, Alexandrite, Chrysoberyl and Topaz. Of course, gemstones with hardness of 6 1/2 and up are still very suitable for wear in rings, but not on an everyday basis. Softer stones than that, I highly recommend be worn in pendants, pins or earrings. Gems softer than a 4 should be cherished more as beautiful specimens to look at but maybe not mounted in jewelry.

Sharing this type of information with your customers will help them make informed gem purchases, suitable for their lifestyle and jewelry use.

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August in Columbus

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Easy, manageable and super low stress, the Mid America Jewelry Show is a must attend for all. Held at the beautiful Battelle Hall at the Columbus Convention Center, located in the vibrant and trendy Short North of Columbus, there is much to do and see after show hours.

The great variety of exhibitors present, allows you to take care of most of your jewelry supply and service needs by attending this show. It is a great regional show that does not leave you overwhelmed and exhausted, like some other major shows do. There also is an offering of classes and lectures by industry experts for you to benefit from.

We are excited to offer you an amazing range of quality colored gemstones sure to please any budget and preference.

Come by and visit us at Booth 208.

We are also offering a volume based discount on at show purchases.
3% $1-2K; 5% $2-5K; 7% $5-10k; 10%$10K+

Feel free to call us for any of your gem requests or visit our website at for a preview of what we carry.


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