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Glenn Lehrer

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Imaginative, practical and super unique, Glenn Lehrer’s works have won numerous industry awards as well as the admiration of the many buyers who have seen his pieces in our displays. We are proud to be representing his work at all major trade shows.

His Torus cuts in a variety of gemstones as well as his imaginative carvings are a source of inspiration to all who desire individuality and creativity.

Gem 2000 – Booth # 622 – JCK/AGTA
Mandalay Bay      May 31 – Jun 4, 2012


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Demonstrating Color Change in Gemstones

Thursday, May 17th, 2012


The most famous gems that exhibit color change are Alexandrites, Garnets, Sapphires and Spinels. Each gem variety has its own degree of color change or color shift and typical range of colors it exhibits in different lights. In order to get the best color change performance from the gem you are presenting to your customer, it is very important that you know how this works.

You need to have a daylight lamp, like most Diamond viewing desktop lamps, or better yet actual mid-day daylight, if possible, and a strong source of warm or incandescent light, most easily found in a non-LED flashlight. First let customers see the gem, for example an Alexandrite, under daylight alone; they will see a teal blue green. Then, isolate the gem from all other lights and shine an incandescent bulb flashlight on it. Here, you will see a burgundy eggplant red, in the case of a fine Brazilian stone.

You can use your existing overhead counter lights only if they can replace on of these two types of lights. Mixed lighting or using the wrong types will not let your customer view the color change present in the gem. You will lose the sale with no fault of the gem, just the inability to demonstrate it.

Color shift is basically a less dramatic version of color change and a bit harder to see, more common in sapphires.

Daylight (other than sunrise/sunset), Florescent, LED - Alexandrite, Garnet, Sapphire

Incandescent Light, Sunrise/Sunset, Candlelight - Alexandrite, Garnet, Sapphire


As you know, success lies in the correct presentation of what you are selling, so make sure you go over this information and practice it with your sales staff.

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Latest Color Trend: Cobalt Blue

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Walking around any fashion retail outlets and looking at their offerings, it is not hard to see that the upcoming hot color is cobalt blue. Used in a variety of ways this color has just started its rule of the fashion runways. To help us accessorize this upcoming wardrobe with regards to jewelry choices, let’s review our options: Blue Sapphire, Tanzanite, and Blue Spinel all work for matching purposes. Rich strong fuchsia pinks, rich oranges and saturated greens work well as contrasting complimentary colors. Gems that work well for this would be Pink Sapphire, Rubellite, Spinel, Spessartite, Citrine, Tsavorite, Emerald and green Tourmaline. Be aware of upcoming color trends in fashion so you can stay current with your selection of jewelry.

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Saying “No” to Diamonds

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Responding to gem requests from hundreds of jewelers all across the country, we are seeing a strong trend taking shape among the new generation ready to tie the knot. Many are opting for a gemstone other than a diamond. The reasons range from wanting something less traditional, more unique, bigger for the money or just making a statement. Whatever their reasons might be, here is your chance to steer this excited couple towards a colored gem, beautiful and durable.

Sapphire is the first obvious choice with its amazing range of colors sure to please any taste. The next best choice, much less explored, is spinel; close to sapphire on the hardness scale, also with a great range of colors to pick from. Besides the few highly coveted colors of red, cobalt blue or neon pink, most often spinels are priced lower than sapphires, making them an attractive ring stone choice. As the professional advisor to this important purchase, be aware of guiding your customer away from softer gems that might not stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Your happy couple will appreciate the larger and more unique look of their beautiful engagement ring, distinguishing them from the thousand of lookalike diamond rings on most hands.

Get ready to tap into this growing market of savvy shoppers helping them commit in the most unique and colorful way, with higher profit margins for you!

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Cushion Unheated Natural Yellow Sapphire

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Extremely clean and bright, this well cut natural unheated cushion Ceylon yellow sapphire truly resembles the life and color of a fancy colored diamond. With a very popular outline this beautiful gem will shine in any piece of fine jewelry it is mounted in.

Item # 973
10.06 x 9.59 x 7.12 mm – Cushion – 6.40 ct – Unheated
AGTA Cert.

Clean and bright unheated yellow Sapphires are highly in demand and very hard to find. This beautiful and very salable gem is sure to only grow in value.

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See you at JCK 2012

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Every year along with signs of the nearing of summer and all graduation related events around us, a major industry “must attend” event that tops everyone’s list is the JCK Show in Las Vegas. The largest in the world, this annual jewelry event offers the best there is to the thousands of buyers who flock to its doors from all over the world.

The second year of JCK’s major move to Mandalay Bay, the 2012 Show should prove to be more of a familiar landscape to the many time strapped buyers navigating its halls.

The AGTA Pavilion is very accessible, with well marked and easy to find booth numbers and aisles. It is open a whole day before the main show, allowing you undistracted and focused buying time before you begin to run around crossing off all other times on your “to do” list.

At Gem2000, we have a prepared a great selection of quality gemstones for your viewing, offering you a great range of choices in different gemstone materials, colors, sizes and price points. So come by and pick up your favorites just in time for the summer and add color and life to your store offerings. Color is in, stronger than ever, and quality mounted pieces will help you stand out from the crowd.

Feel free to preview our gemstones at We will be exhibiting at the AGTA Pavilion Booth #622.


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