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Quality Gemstone Pictures with your iPhone

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012


Over the years we have seen many jewelers at our booth finding just the right stone for their request and try to take a picture of it to send to their customer to okay. It is usually a frustrating experience resulting in many blurry and out of focus pictures, not very true to the actual gem. As the quality of cameras on phones has improved drastically over the last few years, you can actually take pretty accurate pictures using them.

A useful tip for achieving this is to use your loupe when taking the picture:

Put the loupe against the lens of the camera on your iPhone. They should touch and be flush against one another. Put your gem on a grooved stand or tray and bring your iPhone and loupe as close to the gem as possible until the gem is in focus. Move the phone and loupe back and forth until you eliminate any out of focus areas you see. You can always crop out any part of the loupe that might end up in the picture later. You need to get the loupe very close to the gem in order to focus, and so having as much ambient light as you can will help.  As soon as the focus lock shows up, snap your picture and send off your high quality professional and impressive shot to your customer. This will go a long way to closing the sale, maybe even sight unseen.

Some examples we’ve tried (without loupe on left, with on right):

Brown Zircon

Pink Spinel

Blue Sapphire

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Glenn Lehrer

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

We are excited to continue to offer Glenn’s great works of art as seen in his selection of Torus cuts in different gem stone materials, as well as in his unique one-of-a-kind carvings. Easy to work with and mount his Torus cuts truly make a statement, visually elegant, opening doors to many creative uses in jewelry design.

Feel free to visit our website to further view his work or visit our booth at the Smart Show Chicago 2012 for an up and personal look.

His pieces help create a super unique look, without the additional effort this usually requires.


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Summer 2012: Vibrant Colors

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Picking up any fashion magazine these days and flipping through the pages, you will be bombarded by vibrant color in shoes, purses, clothing and accessories. Spring and summer is awakened in us by the sight of these vivid colors, often seen in items as single colors, combinations or as color blockings. Let’s explore how we can best compliment the fashion forward wardrobe of this ever growing segment of self-purchasing women, in our offering of color gemstone jewelry.


These are the colors that we are seeing this season:

Vibrant medium tone Orange:
Spessartite Garnet, Citrine, Mexican Fire Opal, Sapphire

Daffodil or Lemon Yellow:
Sapphire, Citrine, Golden Beryl, Chrysoberyl

Vibrant Pinks:
Sapphire, Spinel, Tourmaline

Lime or Grass Green:
Tsavorite, Chrome Tourmaline, Emerald, Peridot, Tourmaline, Grossular Garnet

Rich Sky or Ocean Blues:
Aquamarine, Beryl, Sapphire, Zircon, Tourmaline, Blue Topaz

Crystal or Black Opals with their great play of color can also tie these shades together easily.

Many of these colors will work great on their own or when used complimentarily in pieces of jewelry.

Mix up your own favorite combo, by browsing through our inventory on our website, or by visiting us at our next show.

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Fine Oval Alexandrite

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012


Super clean and exceptionally well cut, this gorgeous natural oval Brazilian Alexandrite displays excellent color change; going from a reddish eggplant color in incandescent light to a vibrant teal blue green color in daylight.

Item #3523 2.27ct  9.72×7.01×4.5mm Oval GIA Cert

Finding stones in this size with such great clarity and color change are extremely difficult. This particular gem also has an excellent face up look, appearing a lot larger than it’s actual weight, a prized characteristic in such rare of a material.

With so many great features, this gem is sure to please the most discriminating tastes.

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Moonstone: The Lunar Beauty

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Dramatic, exotic and Boho-chic, moonstones have continually graced the pieces of many award-winning designers of jewelry, particularly over these past few years. Moonstones display the unique phenomena of adularescence  – this refers to a glow or luster that seems to emanate from below the surface of the gem. The glow appears to move as the light moves, producing a shimmering effect thought to resemble lunar light on water. This beautiful visual effect creates the feel of soft, romantic, organic, unique and ageless – all at very affordable price points. It also is the June birthstone.

Larger, inclusion free pieces are super hard to find and highly prized. Moonstones come in a range of softer body colors, like blue, gray, brown, white, silver, yellow and peach.

We have found that moonstones that have the most visual appeal are ones that display the highest adularescence: Blue sheen and Rainbow varieties are examples of that.

Presently, there are a few sources for Moonstones, mainly Africa, India, Burma and Sri Lanka, with India producing the more colorful varieties. Right now, we have a great parcel of these beauties with many single as well as matched pairs, in a variety of shapes.

Call us to view the gems or visit the Gem 2000 booth at the upcoming Chicago Smart Show.

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The Smart Show Chicago 2012

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

This year the Smart Show in Chicago has moved it’s date to later ones in April, that is April 21 – April 23. All this means is better weather in Chicago for all of us! allowing us to better enjoy this vibrant, beautiful city and all the great things it has to offer its many visitors.

Over the past few years, the Smart Show has been able to establish itself as an important regional show, drawing buyers from all over the country, well outside just driving distances. It draws an impressive list of vendors nothing short of other major industry shows. The AGTA also has a dedicated pavilion offering an assortment of colored stones and pearls, allowing for confident buying from reputable sources, easy to reach throughout the year.

We have been very busy getting an amazing selection of color gemstonesready for this show. The huge range of materials and price points allows for great value buying at any budget. Our show volume discount program is a great way of saving big, allowing you to cross all your “must have” items off your gemstone list, at one stop.

Having just had a great show in Tucson 2012, we are expecting a very good turnout of buyers, ready to replenish their dwindling store stock, in response to the pent up demand of the returning customers this year.

So, come by and visit us at the show!

Photo by Trey Ratliff

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