Ethiopian Opals

March 29th, 2012

Ethiopian Opals discovered in Wollo Province   in 2008, have gained popularity due to the rich rainbow of colors and transparency they exhibit.  Proven to be stable, resistant to crazing and remarkably durable, they exhibit an unusual property known as hydrophane, that is, these opals came out of the ground very porous, possessing the ability to absorb water very easily. The play of color in these opals is more of a broad-flash pattern, specific to this source. For a more in-depth article on these materials, refer to the Gems & Gemology issue, Summer 2010.

We have recently acquired a great selection of these materials in a 4 to 16 carat size range. Most stones come in a free-form shape with some ovals and pear shapes also present. We also have a few great strands of beads.

Give us a call to view some. 800-545-9555

Visit us at our next show, the Smart Show in Chicago, April 21-23. Booth 717  


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