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Ethiopian Opals

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Ethiopian Opals discovered in Wollo Province   in 2008, have gained popularity due to the rich rainbow of colors and transparency they exhibit.  Proven to be stable, resistant to crazing and remarkably durable, they exhibit an unusual property known as hydrophane, that is, these opals came out of the ground very porous, possessing the ability to absorb water very easily. The play of color in these opals is more of a broad-flash pattern, specific to this source. For a more in-depth article on these materials, refer to the Gems & Gemology issue, Summer 2010.

We have recently acquired a great selection of these materials in a 4 to 16 carat size range. Most stones come in a free-form shape with some ovals and pear shapes also present. We also have a few great strands of beads.

Give us a call to view some. 800-545-9555

Visit us at our next show, the Smart Show in Chicago, April 21-23. Booth 717  


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Fine Square Cushion Rubellite

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Super clean and well cut, this beautiful Rubellite is an open fuchsia color and super bright. Finding a square cushion in larger sizes is extremely difficult, in most colored stones, since cutting this shape sacrifices yield on the rough. Also, finding high clarity stones in larger sizes in Rubellite is very rare. This wonderful gem is from Nigeria and not heated.

Item # 3964 – 14.3 x 14.1 mm –  Square Cushion – 12.30ct

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Glenn Lehrer

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Allowing your imagination to roam and your creativity enticed, Glenn Lehrer pieces are sure to please. Very practical and easy to work with, his Torus Ring cuts really make the “unique” statement at a range of price points, from Citrine to Brazilian Paraiba!

His carvings capture movement, shown in a great range of diverse materials and forms.

We are proud to represent Glenn’s work at all the major trade shows as well as on our website. Feel free to browse.


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Amazing Blues!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012


We are so very excited about our current collection of super fine Blue Zircons in a great range of sizes. Finding finer Blue Zircons over 5 carats has become more & more challenging over the years, and even when you do find them, they rarely meet the high cutting standards we demand to see in most other gems. Zircons are a heavier gem, so a deeper cut stone adds up to a few more carats on the scale easily. Most often we are told that a heavy pavilion is what gives the color to this gem. We are proud to offer you fine color in very well cut and proportioned pieces up to 20 carats plus. It took a lot of work to acquire and put together such a great selection of super fine pieces. Blue Zircon has a very high refractive index, close to Diamonds, making it super lively and sparkly; It is also the December birthstone.

Blue is a great seller and with current asking prices for larger Sapphires, Blue Zircons of fine color are a very impressive look to offer your customers, duplicating the life of fancy color Blue Diamond at a great value. Feel free to visit our website to browse through what we have to offer you, or just give us a call.

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Spinels: A Great Choice of Color

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

As wholesalers who have carried Spinels over the last 25 years, we have witnessed the growing acceptance and popularity of Spinels, particularly over these past few years. With the amazing range of beautiful colors that Spinels come in, it truly is a great gem to offer your customer, who is seeking the  “Unique”. After Sapphires, it is one of the hardest and most wearable gems, ranking an 8 on the hardness scale. It is never treated, and totally natural.

Finding vibrant saturated shades of color in Spinels is difficult, as they naturally tend to have a more steely, icy, or grayish look to them. Not unlike Sapphires, the red colors (like Ruby) are the most favored and prized ones. Originally these only came from Burma, but recent finds in Tanzania have produced some gorgeous open reds and neon hot pinks. This find really peaked interest in Spinels again with some never before recorded prices per carat for larger gems. Vietnam,  also produces some lovely shades of red, peach, pink, purple, and color change varieties. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) has also been a long time producer of Spinels in a great range of colors. Purer blue colors are extremely rare, referred to as Cobalt Blue and prized equally as the gem reds. Spinels are size sensitive and pieces over 3 to 4 carats in finer colors are hard to find and priced accordingly.

Currently, we are excited to carry a great selection of beautiful Spinels in a great range of prices. Always less expensive than a Fancy Color Sapphire in the same shade of color; Spinels offer a great value and are greatly suited to be worn in rings because of their durability.

Check out our website for a look at our selection of fine Spinels.

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