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Promote Custom Design

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Talking to the wide range of customers we service daily, time after time we have seen that stores who promote and pursue “custom design” continue to grow and establish themselves as the store that stands out from “mall stores”. Invest some time and resource in this category and you will surely reap its rewards. You can start off very simply by offering a selection of loose gems on display that you can quickly order a range of mountings for or custom make the mounting per their design choice.

Promote your selection of color gems by having an interested and enthusiastic staff, preferably a GIA graduate to be the in-house point person for that department. This designated member can then attend gem shows like the Tucson show, meet reputable vendors, and be in charge of all gem requests. Gem 2000 has also made this part easy byoffering a great website with an online search engine.
Take advantage and grow your “Custom”, as everyone these days wishes to stand out and make their own individual statement.

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Unique, Beautiful, and Unusual

Thursday, December 15th, 2011


This, truly describes the work of Glenn Lehrer. He is an established master cutter who has won many prestigious awards for his innovative faceting and carving designs.

Glenn Lehrer

We are proud to represent his work, which is featured on our website for you to view. Familiar gemstone materials achieve a whole new uniqueness when cut in his famous “Torus cut”, allowing for increased creative uses of these eye catching pieces in jewelry, without requiring complicated custom mountings to feature them in. His wide range of beautiful carvings also offers an impressive one of a kind look for very affordable price points. Make sure to browse and see if anything there sparks your imagination.

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Be Jeweled!!

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

We are reminded in this article, that there is no need to revert to the usual wintery colors of drab browns, grays and black. This season jeweled tones in monochromatic colors are in vogue, inspired by gemstone colors. To accompany and accessorize their outfits you can offer the following gem options to your fashion savvy customers:

Red: Ruby, Rubellite, Red Spinel, Rhodolite, Garnet 
Green: Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Tsavorite, Green Zircon, Peridot
Blue: Blue SapphireTanzaniteBlue ZirconIoliteBlue SpinelBlue Tourmaline
Purple: Amethyst, Purple Sapphire, Purple Spinel
Lighter Blue: Aquamarine, Beryl, Blue Topaz 
Yellow: Yellow Sapphire, Citrine, Chrysoberyl, Golden Beryl, Yellow Zircon, Yellow Tourmaline

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Retail Bells are Ringing

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011


As all the news reports have indicated over the last week, numbers indicate that consumers are back in full force, taking care of some of their personal deferred wish list, along with a more generous budget for buying gifts for others. After a few years of cautious waiting, many have decided they will buy “IT” now.

Retailers who have kept in touch with their consumer base reminding them, that they carry “IT”, will finally benefit from all the ground laying they have been doing these last few years. Reinforce this positive outlook with all your customers by participating in their joy and enthusiasm in their shopping for self purchases or gifts for loved ones. Luxury goods have had the biggest sales increases and in that category jewelry purchases are the only ones that actually retain the highest percentage value of their purchase price. Remind your customer of this fact as they contemplate buying a gold bracelet while holding an expensive designer purse in their other hand. Asking them, which of the two $1600 items do they think will hold its value the best.

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Plan now for Tucson 2012

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Attending this amazing, world renowned tradeshow is a must for all in the jewelry trade. It is an immersion course in all that is “gem”. As diamonds become more of a commodity, “colored gemstones” is an area that shows more promise of a profit when backed by expertise and diligence. Attending this show is truly rewarding in so many ways. Unlike other cities, Tucson’s hotels fill up fast, so make sure you are registered and have a place to stay well ahead of time. We have started our own preparations already and wish to remind all of you that it is not too early!!

Attending the AGTA Show also offers you the added benefit of developing enduring relationships with dealers who can service your calls throughout the year, when you need the gems that turn calls into sales, shipped to your store right away!

We will be offering a great selection of beautiful gems in a variety of price points and colors.

Please stop by early and select your beauties
from what we all have to offer

AGTA GemFair Pavilion
Tucson Convention Center
Booth 911


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Cushion Blue Ceylon Sapphire

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011


Exceptionally clean and bright, this well cut and well proportioned gem boasts a beautiful medium rich cornflower blue color, the desirable shade that has made Ceylon Sapphires synonymous with the best there is. Recently fine quality larger stones like this have become super hard to find, particularly one with such great clarity.

cushion blue sapphire
Item # 3509
12.1 x 9 mm Cushion Blue Ceylon Sapphire

This a very popular and salable shape and size in a fine sapphire, perfect for satisfying the pickiest luxury customer at a very competitive price.

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