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A Topaz for Every Taste

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Being the November birthstone, Topaz has enjoyed long-time recognition and demand. When the inexpensive irradiated blue colored Topaz was introduced in to the market, it allowed the masses to own very affordable pieces of jewelry with Topaz. Since then other treatments such as coatings have allowed more variety of colors available for low priced commercial pieces of jewelry.

precious topaz precious topazimperial topaz pearshape

Precious Topaz has always remained strong in its own category, consistently known as being a “gem”. Under the heading of Precious Topaz, you will find colors ranging from a light yellow to gold, to golden peach. The intense peachy pinks or sherry colors are given an increased distinction and acknowledgement of their rarity by being called Imperial Topaz. Super rare and expensive, they occasionally exhibit shades of strawberry red. Pink Topaz are not as common and come in soft pastel shades up to intense medium pinks in the super fine materials. Price per carat is directly based on the shade of color of the Topaz and how much peach and pink it exhibits.

Though the fine gems are wonderful to admire and marvel at, there truly is a range of price on this gem, making them extremely accessible to all your customers regardless of budget. And yes, there always is blue Topaz as a last resort for price.

blue topaz imperial topaz red

Familiarize yourself with these choices, so you can service this request when it walks into your store. Our web search is a great tool for this overview.

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Dreams can Come True, $46 Million or Not

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

We all have heard about the stunning sale of the $46 million fancy pink diamond by now, and wonder if it might create a desire for larger soft pink stones among the up and coming. We presently have a beautiful selection of super well cut, bright and lively saturated colors of Kunzite that can make this dream a reality on a MUCH smaller budget. Make sure you check these out and are ready to become the dream maker.

emerald cut kunzite kunzite

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Precious Topaz

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

This gem exhibits a beautiful rich peach color with a golden flash. Its amazing cut, life and clarity is made even more attractive by the current and desirable shape and outline it has. Suitable for any fine piece of jewelry, it truly shines.

cushion precious topaz gem 2000

Item # 2135 – 10.5 x 9 mm  – Cushion – Precious Topaz – 4.94 ct

These fine colors in Topaz have become very hard to find and based on our replacement prices, make this stone a great bargain.

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Radiant Aquamarine

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

With a beautiful saturated pure blue color, this radiant cut aquamarine is the perfect stone that lends “custom” to any price of fine jewelery made with it. Extremely elegant and special, it is also a great value in a fine gem.

5.96ct radiant aquamarine

Item # 2539 – 16.8 x 7.9 mm – Radiant – 5.96 ct

Perfect in white metals in a pendant, cuff or a ring, it will prove eye-catching.

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Oval Precious Topaz

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

With a gorgeous saturated color of peach and a touch of gold, this perfectly cut, clean and bright gem is a sure winner. Since Topaz is a heavier gem, this stone also offers  a great face up for its weight, making it a super smart buy. This color of Topaz is most often graded as Imperial in the trade, which increases the asking price significantly. We reserve that term only for stones with more pink and sherry present.

oval precious topaz

Item # 2132  – 14.2 x 9.9 mm Oval Precious Topaz – 7.38ct

Availability of nicer precious Topaz has become extremely rare these past few years, making this piece a much sought after item.

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Expanded Search Results

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Until now the Gem 2000 Gem Search has featured all our single stones and matched pairs. We have recently added the large number of gemstones we have in parcels and lots to the search results as well. This addition allows you to find several hundred more results, a more accurate representation of our existing inventory.

Example of a parcel in the search results.

This change now allows searches for when you are making up pieces with multiples of the same stone, such as in pave work, channel setting, bracelets and wedding bands. Also suitable for creating one of a kind designs, you are assured of having a great matching parcel to work with.

Try our Gem Search for your gem requests, and let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for. We are ready to help you fill those calls.

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