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Green is In

Friday, November 20th, 2009

green gemstonesAs we approach the month where most jewelers report, accounts for more than 30% of their yearly sales, it is important to be aware of what is “desired” this season. Based on fashion and industry reports “green” is in. Green, with all its wonderful and various shades, from forest to moss to lemon. Our extensive range of colored gems in green includes: Emeralds, Tsavorites, Chrome Tourmalines, amazing varied hues of Tourmaline, Peridots, green Zircons, and lemony Chrysoberyls. This great range and variety of gems is sure to please all tastes and budgets. Make sure to offer some “green” to your customers this season.

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Getting the “Real” Deal

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Instore 2009This is the real factor which justifies and okays every customer’s decision to buy. Buyers decide what stores they feel comfortable to frequent based on what their selection of offerings are and also what the customer’s comfort level with the price range and quality of the goods offered by the store is. But the most basic, often not very obvious determining factor is: which retailer do they trust to stand behind their goods. At a time when every dollar spent counts for even more, when buyers make more expensive purchases, they want transparency and trust; basically knowing that they are getting what they have bargained for.
As authorities in gems and jewelry, each jeweler has the obligation to offer this assurance to their customer. Being informed and trained in basic gemology, goes a long way to distinguish the independent jeweler from a mall or department store. As wholesalers we have seen the success that better trained and informed sales people and jewelry store owners have with the closing of sales on more important gem pieces. Knowing about different sources, range of qualities, availability and current enhancement of gems can help you establish value and trust in your presentation, allowing the customer to make their final purchase in full confidence. For example, knowing the difference between unheated, heated, and composite ruby in a three carat stone is thousands of dollars, and an accurate and scientific explanation is rightfully owed to any customer wishing to make such a purchase. You can establish your expertise by being the source of such information and staying fully informed regarding anything that directly relates to any piece of jewelry in your showcase.
We, at Gem 2000 spend many hours each day, sharing the latest information regarding new finds, enhancements and availability of different gemstones with our customers, arming the jewelers with such knowledge, leading to more confident and informed purchases. Knowing that your supplier is behind their goods 100%, is something you can bank on, and in turn allows you to offer the excellent customer assurance, you strive to stand for.

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The 2009 Columbus Jewelry Show

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Columbus Convention CenterWe exhibited at the Columbus Jewelry Show this past weekend. It is held every year end of August at the Columbus Convention Center, which is a great location being in the downtown area and the Short North district with many other things to do and see, along with a large assortment of great restaurants. As an exhibitor, I like the fact that we can just walk across the street and buy lunch at the North Market, a great indoor market of specialty food items by local vendors, and this year I was tempted to shop at the farmers market right by it on Saturday on the way to back to my booth!!

We have been exhibiting at this show for over 20 years and have seen how certain shows grow or contract for a variety of reasons. Some main factors would be the timing and proximity of other shows and of course this year the big “E” word. So, yes because the economy is not back in full swing we did not have very high expectations, particularly based on the buyers of this regional trade show, and the line we carry. Only a handful of true gem lovers or gem buyers attend this show, yet we were able to make contact with some new stores who were pleased to see the quality and range of colored gems we carry, and want to use us as a quality supplier in the future.

gem 2000 color gemstones

On Friday, the day before this two day show, there had been a great variety of classes and seminars offered to the buyers and the American Gem Trade Association had also taken part in them, promoting color. Since Kambiz Sabouri is the vice president of the AGTA, having their representatives in our town made it more special and we got to spend some extra time with them.

Since many of us are in this business for the long haul, we have learned to ride the ups and downs, trying new approaches and preparing for changes that we see happening. For example, our wonderful website with its online inventory search and images has been very warmly received by our customers and our presence on has gotten some good feedback.

Our main focus has always been and will remain, quality gems at all price points, competitive pricing and exceptional service. All along, we have not hesitated to constantly share our up to date knowledge and expertise regarding gems, educating and helping our customers become more informed jewelers. Many appraisers have also commented on how helpful we are to them since we deal in and know about such a large range of gems.

The challenge is not to loose sight of what our passion is and what we do the best, meanwhile being aware and staying on top of the changes in supply, distribution patterns and buying trends. I have a feeling we will be heading back to principles of enduring quality and true value as we evolve and mature as consumers.

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Bright Spot

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Echoing similar sentiments to what we had previously posted here at Gem 2000 News,  Diana Jarrett has written a great article for the Rapaport Diamond Report about the importance color gemstones have for today’s struggling jewelers. Written from her experiences at the latest JCK show in Las Vegas, she explains why  many of the attendees and exhibitors were leaving pleasantly surprised.

Bright Spot – by Diana Jarret

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Visit Gem 2000 at the Columbus Jewelry Show

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

columbus jewelry show

Come visit us at the Columbus Jewelry Show. Booth # 509

August 22-23, 2009, the Columbus Convention Center

Cozy and comfortable, this show is very manageable in size and covers a great group of diverse vendors to service all of your different jewelry needs. So take advantage of this very affordable venue to shop for what you need. For more information on the Columbus Jewelry Show click here.

We carry a beautiful assortment of quality color gemstones, hand picked to offer the best value and price, whatever your customers’ budget might be. Come and visit us to see what we have and how we can help you generate excitement and sales in colored gems.

Our 25 years of experience and expertise is there to guarantee you the best choices and follow up service; supporting you to become the choice “gem” destination store.

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The Desire Inherent…

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

The desire inherent in all of us to possess our own special “treasure”.

The same things we anticipate and worry about through the period of recovery of a patient; like letting them rest, periodically checking their vitals, and analyzing the results and what they indicate, holds true with the economy; that has been everyone’s one and only patient for a long time now.

It seems this patient is not in the ICU anymore, and its rate of recovery is under debate and scrutiny. In general the initial shock and the jitters that followed the bad news has had time to dissipate somewhat and everyone is now more focused on the recovery and wanting to be prepared for the slow but steady comeback and stabilizing of the retail market.

This “rest and recovery” time has translated into different things for each of us in this industry. It has meant more drastic changes for some than for others and there has been a lot of reevaluation that has taken place. Some of these shifts might not be as evident in the slower recovery period, but will later emerge as a pattern that has allowed these entrepreneurs to survive when many didn’t.

RingAmetrine gem 2000
I think a definite component of that pattern will prove to be differentiating oneself from the masses and offering a higher level of expertise in a less tapped area. A very traditional and accepted area as such is the fascinating world of precious colored gemstones.

I am still amazed at the level of interest and fascination that is conjured as someone finds out that I am a gemologist and an importer and wholesaler of gems. All of a sudden everyone has a story of something pretty that they owned and cherished and all the wonderful emotions and passions that surrounded that treasure. It makes me think of how easily any jeweler who can share and nurture this readily found passion in a customer, can highly benefit from establishing this great special bond; be it as an educator, a fellow discoverer, or a reliable and expert guide.

Sapphire Ring Gem 2000

The world of colored gems offers endless options and possibilities to this exploration and discovery, ultimately leading to the find of a cherished treasure, worthy of owning and admiring regardless of the size of ones budget. Despite having looked at thousands of carats of gems in my career, I can still experience that special excitement and awe at beholding the beauty and rarity of a special stone that says, “I am worth owning”.

Yes, our special love for color gems has led us down many amazing and adventurous paths and allows us to own a wonderful assortment of beautiful gems. Each one of them offers a unique look and feel, which has been carefully selected for its great value and price.

As a Jeweler you can reach outside the box, and tap into this great and innate passion we each possess; desiring and wishing to own our own special gem. You can create, nurture and expand this expertise in your store, so as things turn around you will be positioned well. We would love to partner and help you achieve this goal in any way possible. Our inventory and expertise is at your service.

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The Instore Show – Chicago

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The Instore Show took place in Chicago, April 19-20, 2009 for the first time. Their magazine’s content, organization, and constant improvement had encouraged us to commit to exhibiting, when they had first talked about it, over a year ago. Of course, in hindsight this might not have been the best year to introduce a new show, but then who knew! In that regard we are all equal.

The set up for the show went pretty smoothly. As exhibitors we always have the worries and concerns one has with a new location and set up. The hall was very well lit and easy to get to as you got off the buses that ran back and forth to the surrounding hotels every 1/2 hour. After we finished set up we had a nice walk along the Navy Pier. It was a nice Saturday, so it was very active, bustling with people. We ended up eating at a great seafood restaurant with an outside terrace. Both our fish dishes were very tasty and fresh. We didn’t see the sun for the next 3 days as it rained non stop, so I’m glad we got that afternoon in.

instore show gem 2000

The first day of the show, a Sunday, had very good traffic. So, it kept us busy meeting and talking to customers all day. I think the show had done a good job bringing in the numbers of attendees in light of everything. How many of them actually turned into buyers during the show, probably a bigger challenge for all involved. Although the show didn’t quite have a Tucson or JCK larger show feel to it, it definitely felt like a larger regional show with good growth potential. Many of the buyers were happy to have such a show happening close to home, in Chicago. Buyers who maybe as a rule do not attend Tucson or JCK expressed a great deal of interest at the loose gem and pearl AGTA section.

Many buyers were impressed by our selection of high quality gems, and the large range of gemstones we carry, mentioning that they have been looking for a supplier of better quality goods. Also, a great number of the buyers expressed interest in finding out more about our website and its features; such as searching for gems, great pictures, markup options, and how to integrate it into their existing website as their own virtual inventory. In general I found people more eager to learn and be educated in the area of gems where they are less exposed to or familiar with. It kept us busy and involved, hoping eventually these leads to turn into calls and sales. The second day was less busy and the third day was on the quiet side.

downtown chicago

Our room at the Sheraton had a great view of many of the beautiful and historic downtown buildings and great restaurants within walking distance. After closing up the last day of the show we walked over to this wonderful Indian and Latin fusion restaurant called Vermilion. The food was delicious, with a very sophisticated mixture of flavors and spices not commonly found in either cuisine. Walking back and forth to our hotel was a cold and windy reminder of what city we were in. The sun came out the next day as we were leaving, and the walk to where we had breakfast was fresh and beautiful.

All in all, we are glad we took part in this show and hope it grows and flourishes as consumer confidence picks up and the desire to own beautiful gems and jewelry is exercised more often.

- by Shomais Shirazi, GG

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Tucson Gem Show 2009

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

The AGTA GemFair Pavillion

The air was crisp, the sunshine beautiful, yet in light of all the media coverage of the economy and forecasts, as exhibitors we had come knowing that we couldn’t really have the same expectations as previous years.

red trillion spinelThe show ended up better for us than we originally had imagined. Traffic at the AGTA GemFair (Feb 4-9) was about 20% down from last year, but the buyers that had shown up were pretty serious, albeit all with smaller budgets. Purchases were based on more specific calls and replacement of sold items rather than on speculation.

Items that did better for us were more unusual gemstone in nicer quality and lower per carat prices, in general a bigger look for the money such as fancy color zircon, spinel, kunzite, beryl, fancy color tourmaline, fire opal, purple cushion sapphire as well as smaller sizes of better color and quality in classic and more known gems such as blue and fancy color sapphire, tsavorite, spessartite garnet, aquamarine, rubellite, and precious topaz. In general, jewelers who have been more interested in color gems and invested time and energy in developing a market for them by educating their customer base, and offering custom design works and services seem to have benefited, and maintained better profit margins.

Our booth at the Tucson Show, in the AGTA GemFair Pavillion.

We have found that at present, prices at supplier levels have stayed pretty firm in almost all gem categories. For example, many mining and processing operations of rough gems, in Sri Lanka have shut down, since their high fixed costs are not justified by the present weaker world demand. At all levels, dealers would rather hang on to their inventory of rough or cut stones, as replacing them gets more difficult each day and nicer goods harder to find in general.

Attending the Tucson Show, whether as a buyer or in our case as an exhibitor, has an excitement associated with it true gem lovers can not resist. Once a year, the world of gems comes together at this show, creating an incredible energy which is then released and channeled through all the exciting and beautiful jewelry pieces created and offered with love to the end user. Whether you get to walk the red carpet or not, wearing these beautiful tokens of love, bring special feelings of joy and pride; emotions humans have shared through the ages.

Read an recent article by GIA color stone analyst Robert Weldon about his report from the Tucson gem and mineral shows. VIA:

gem 2000 tucson 2009

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